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Holt Science & Technology: 
A Top Science Curriculum, Newly Customized for Homeschool

November 16, 2011
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Homeschooling on a budget often means choosing between a feature-filled program that comes at a great cost and a less expensive program that lacks the resources you need to teach effectively.  This challenge can be especially difficult in choosing a curriculum for science, where teaching strategies and hands-on activities are key to understanding concepts. 

Thankfully, Holt Science and Technology offers unparalleled science resources at a great value.  This middle grades science program includes three books, one each for life, earth, and physical science. 

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The program begins with a textbook filled with content and activities.  Easy-to-follow text and helpful illustrations guide students through the course, and chapters are broken into sections with key objectives, vocabulary terms, reading strategies, comprehension questions, and a section review.  Quick Labs and Chapter Labs offer an opportunity for hands-on learning using objects that can be found around the house. 


The new Parent Guide CD-ROM is designed with homeschoolers in mind, offering a wide variety of teaching resources while guiding you through each day's lesson.  A synopsis of the lesson allows you to preview what your child will be learning, and activities are broken into Core, Optional and Enrichment, and Good to Know so that you can prioritize and tailor the content to your child's needs. 

Also included in the homeschool kit is a Chapter Resources CD-ROM, which includes skills worksheets, vocabulary review worksheets, directed reading worksheets, lab and activity data sheets, chapter quizzes and tests, and answer keys. 

With a rigorous, engaging textbook and a teacher's guide designed specifically for parent educators, the Holt Science & Technology program is an ideal solution for your middle school student. 



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