Valuable Resources for Homeschoolers

Valuable Resources for Homeschoolers

September 3, 2013
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Valuable FREE Resources for Homeschoolers
from Certified Teachers & Homeschooling Pros has been serving children, parents, teachers and schools for over a decade. Formerly known as Learning Today, is now exclusively offering its award-winning program to parents, families and tutors for homeschooling use or afterschool tutoring.

In addition to offering their K-5th grade reading and math assessment, instruction and reporting, offers FREE reading, math, homeschooling and afterschool blogs written by Certified Teachers and Professional Homeschoolers.

In addition to these blogs, also offers valuable, FREE resources like:

Here are direct links to their free, informative blogs:



You can access these blogs by these methods:

1. Follow them on Facebook
2. Follow them on Twitter (@SmartTutor)
3. Bookmark these pages
4. Soon they will have RSS feeds for all of the blogs.

Here are some sample blogs:


Building Vocabulary – Synonyms & Shades of Words
Laura VanHellemont, Certified Teacher

There are fun activities that you can do at home to help them develop their vocabulary skills, especially by increasing the variety of words that have shades of meaning or are more specific synonyms of typical words we use in our everyday vocabulary.  For example, instead of using the word “good”, they could use more descriptive words like nice, kind, superb or fabulous.

One on-the-go activity you could use to practice vocabulary development of this style with your child is to use the free paint chips from your local hardware or paint store.  Put the common word on top and then add the “shades” or synonyms beneath it as the colors change.  You can then add these like flash cards by hole punching them in the top corner, adding a ring, and then you have a great travel-ready vocabulary activity.  Click here to continue reading.


Easy at Home Activities to Build a Positive Relationship with Math
Laura VanHellemont, Certified Teacher

…In addition to the ideas above, a Canadian government educational website has come up with a list of ways that you can engage your child in math learning at home for kindergarten through sixth grade students.  These tips are specifically ideas on how parents can implement math in the home.  This is the website for kindergarten through third grade and this is the link for fourth through sixth grade.  This provides a great starting point for positive interactions with math at home. Click here to continue reading.


Sea Turtle Unit Study
Samantha Bell, Professional Homeschooling Mom

We’ve been learning a lot about sea turtles recently. We discovered so many amazing facts about them, it seemed like time for a sea turtle unit study!

Here’s just a little of what we learned:

  • There are seven species of sea turtles.
  • Sea turtles lay eggs on the beach, then they leave. The mother never sees the babies.
  • Some species of sea turtles lay more than 100 eggs at a time.
  • The green sea turtle is named for the greenish color of the fat right under his skin.
  • Hawksbill sea turtles are often hunted for their beautiful shells.

Samantha goes on to offer a list of books, videos, activities, crafts, and other resources. Click here to continue reading.

Remember, there are many other blogs and resources available that can help you make a difference at home.

Here is some feedback from SmartTutor families:

Smart Tutor Helps to Reinforce


SmartTutor helps to Reinforce – “I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your program. I am a homeschool mother of two and think that the time my children spend on really helps to reinforce what I am doing with the curriculum I purchased for them. The extra added practice on fractions or place value in a fun non-threatening medium is awesome! I will be telling my homeschool friends of this great service.” ~ Angie

Results in a Week – “I just wanted to comment on the smart tutor program. I home-school my five year old daughter. She started kindergarten this year, and also goes to speech therapy at a public school once a week for half an hour. She has had 4 lessons in speech therapy to date. I was told by the speech therapist after her third lesson that I should consider enrolling her in school due to speech issues. I combined your program along with the click and read program just recently. The results in one week were amazing. When she went for her fourth speech lesson, the speech therapist told me that she had improved considerably, and not to worry about enrolling her in school. (Public school was not an option for me anyway.) Thank you for your program. My daughter enjoys it and it has given her the confidence she needs to feel she can do anything she sets her mind to. ~ Lori R.

Happy Reading Scores with SmartTutor! – “I am very pleased with Laura’s progress. She has continued with the reading materials and she loves it. Every time she finishes a section, she rushes to me and lets me know her score.” ~ Mom from Miami

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One more thing! If you have the need for Flash Cards, please visit their FREE flash card site at They apologize for the appearance of this site, as they are redesigning it this year. Lots of great flash cards in 3 languages! All free!!!