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Soul Surfer

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April 7, 2011

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The movie SOUL SURFER, opening the weekend of April 8-10th, is the inspirational true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcame all odds to become a champion again, inspiring millions worldwide. How did she overcome the odds? Through the love of her family, her sheer determination, and her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ!

The movie SOUL SURFER reveals the moving aftermath of this headline-making story, as Bethany fights to recover and grapples with her future. Strengthened by the love of her parents, she refuses to give in or give up. Still, she can't help but question:
Why did this happen? Why did I have to lose everything? Will I ever surf again? And if I can't surf, then who am I?

The 2004 tsunami in the Pacific Ocean unexpectedly gives Bethany her answers. Traveling to Phuket, Thailand with her Church youth-group leader, she realizes she has the power to make a difference in her own life and in the lives of others. Filled with a new sense of hope and direction, she returns home with a renewed resolve to conquer her own limitations and set an encouraging example for others facing adversity. This is such an awe-inspiring faith filled story!

Bethany's own quotes, taken from her accompanying book, SOUL SURFER: Catching God's Wave for Your Life, demonstrate this faith.

  • I believe in God. I don't mean that I believe in Him like a person might believe in, say, gravity or the sun coming up in the morning. Those are just facts that don't mean anything. I mean I REALLY believe in God.
  • I don't pretend to have all the answers to why bad things happen to good people, but I do know that God knows all those answers, and sometimes He lets you know in this life...
  • God did have something bigger planned for me. What we all needed to do was trust... and believe.
  • I have this thought every second of my life – Why me? Not negatively, like "Why did this terrible thing happen to me?" But more like "Why did God choose me and what does He have in mind for me?"
  • When people ask me what my faith in Christ means to me, I usually answer in just one word – everything! This was true before and after the shark attack.

We at Outreach.com, encourage you to see SOUL SURFER, hopefully, during its opening weekend! Buy your tickets now! Purchase tickets for your immediate family, your extended family, your youth groups, support groups, church groups and more! And for additional information regarding this inspiring movie experience, please visit SoulSurferWave.com and SoulSurfertheMovie.com.
And because SOUL SURFER is such an inspiring story, we realize you might want to incorporate SOUL SURFER into your homeschooling efforts. You can easily do so by using any of the following:

  • SOUL SURFER DVD-Based Study Kit this is a four-week video curriculum designed for all ages: adult groups, teen groups or for groups where parents and teens study together. The study will inspire people to persevere and trust God in the midst of life's challenges.
  • SOUL SURFER Study Guide – the Study Guide includes easy-to-follow instructions, weekly discussion questions, relevant Bible verses, and thought-provoking Bible studies for the individual reader.
  • SOUL SURFER: Catching God's Wave for Your Life, an Inspirational non-fiction book for pre-teens & teens. This devotional will encourage and challenge teens through the incredible true story and example of teen surfer, Bethany Hamilton. Bethany's feisty determination and unwavering faith in the face of tragedy spurred her towards an adventurous comeback, and gave her the courage to turn her tragic loss into an inspiration for others. Through the uplifting message of this book, readers will discover a new way of living and adventuring with God and will be inspired to pursue their own "soul surfing" experience with him.

See Soul Surfer, and incorporate it into your Homeschool program – and into your family!




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