Vocabulary: Your Kids’ Superpower…or Kryptonite?

 August 30, 2016

Vocabulary: Your Kids’
Superpower…or Kryptonite?

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Are vocabulary and spelling your kids’ superpower – or their kryptonite? This is where VocabularySpellingCity comes to the rescue, with engaging activities that help your homeschoolers learn to soar in vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing.


How does VocabularySpellingCity help your kids build word power?

Our website and app include more than 35 games and activities that allow your kids to hear, read, say, write, and play with words, ensuring they retain what they’ve learned to build vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Your kids can direct their own learning, getting immediate feedback and quizzing themselves until they’ve mastered the words. Activities are recorded so you can follow their progress.

Games and activities can be tailored to your children’s abilities and interests. Pair activities with thousands of ready-made word lists, or create your own.

Our phonics games use sounds and images to help early learners build the foundation for strong vocabulary development and word recognition.

What are homeschool parents saying?

“I’ve recommended VocabularySpellingCity to many others. It makes spelling and vocabulary lessons fun for my daughter. When we’re going to be away from home, I’m able to print worksheets to take along on the ride. There is also the app for her iPad. I wouldn’t change a thing.” – Suzi H.

VocabularySpellingCity makes it easy for me to keep my kids engaged in learning how to spell outside of the traditional classroom. The suggested lists and the games allow me to focus on driving their knowledge in a fun and interactive way.” – Sarah S.

My son, who is on the autism spectrum, loves VocabularySpellingCity. He has trouble with letter and number size and formation, so I gave him the printout in which you can trace the word. He’s so happy and has a renewed hope that ‘I can’t write’ will become ‘I can write.’ We are also using VocabularySpellingCity with our nonverbal 5-year-old. We take words we want her to learn to say and make a spelling list with them. When the game spells and reads it to her, she is starting to repeat the word. How cool is that?!” – Dana D.


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