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September 15, 2010

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Study Island

See why over 10 million students have found academic success using Study Island!

Study Island is a unique, web-based, standards mastery program that combines highly specific and dynamic content with real-time reporting to create a customized assessment, diagnostic, and instructional program based on each individual state's standards. The Study Island Program incorporates motivational factors into the implementation and design of the program in diverse ways to both engage your child and further program use. 

Study Island aims to build your child's confidence and self-efficacy by providing sufficient practice and learning opportunities that will help him or her realize positive gains in achievement. Your child can monitor their own progress as they complete lessons and feel successful watching their mastery level rise. When your child reach the specified mastery level of an objective, they earn a personalized reward in the form of a blue ribbon icon, which serves as concrete symbol of recognition for their academic achievements and further motivates your child to succeed. 

As part of the Study Island Program, your child also has access to a wide variety of simple and short games that they can play when they have answered a question correctly. Study Island makes use of intelligent technology to create dynamic, providing a unique experience for every child. 

Study Island encourages parental involvement through its web-based platform. You can view the expectations and standards for tested content areas and quickly determine if a your child is meeting those standards or not. If your child demonstrates a need for extra practice on specific standards, you can use the instructional lessons and problem explanations within the Study Island program to help your child improve their performance.


  For Pre-K - 2nd Grade

Reading Eggs
  For Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Study Island
  For College Entrance Exams

Study Island SAT and ACT
  Learning To Read with Reading Eggs

Give your child a head start in reading and promote excitement about learning to read with Reading Eggs!

The engaging Reading Eggs program consists of a sequential series of lessons that develop essential reading skills to take a non-reader through to a second grade reading level.

Your kids can start learning to read today. Just click the 'free trial' button to get started!
  Engaging, Online Learning

Improve your child's academic performance with Study Island's online learning programs that are built from each state's learning standards. Our programs reinforce your child's curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Kids are motivated to learn through the use of Blue Ribbon rewards and interactive games.

See why over 10 million students have found academic success using Study Island!
  Finding Success on the SAT & ACT

Make a small investment that will make a big difference in your daughter's or son's future. Give them the confidence they need on test day.

For a fraction of the cost of a classroom or other online course, Study Island's web-based SAT and ACT Prep Programs will teach your high school student the expert test-taking strategies they need to achieve their best score.


Reading Eggs Free Trial!
Learn more about Study Island!
Get started on your SAT or ACT preparation today!



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