A new online course for Christian homeschoolers

 July 1, 2015

A new online course for
Christian homeschoolers

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Understanding Islam

A new online course for homeschoolers.

We can no longer afford to remain ignorant about Islam. Nor can we claim to be well-educated citizens if we know little or nothing about the world’s second-largest, and fastest-growing religion.

This 16-week, three-hours per week course includes everything you need to know about Islam, including the history and development of Islam, the five pillars of Islam, beliefs and practices of Muslims, Muhammad, the Qur’an, the hadith, sharia law, sects and movements within Islam, and practical instruction on evangelism and ministry to Muslims.

My name is Mark Pfeiffer. I am an evangelical Christian lawyer with a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies. I have lived and worked in the Middle East, and traveled extensively throughout the region, including various parts of Iran. I teach Islamic Studies courses at Christian colleges and universities, including Houston Baptist University, Dallas Christian College, and several others. I founded The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies . The mission of TCIIS is to educate and equip the church to effectively minister the gospel to Muslims.

I am making my online course “Understanding Islam” available to homeschoolers through my TCIIS website. This course is geared towards juniors and seniors in high school, as the course is virtually the same one I teach at the university level. I’ll be making more courses available in the near future.

*For a limited time, tuition is discounted 50%

*Dual credit (not yet available but in progress)

Cost of this 16-week, three-hours per week course is only $299 (for a limited time, tuition discounted to $149.50!). For more information, please visit the website of The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies, www.tciis.org and click on “Courses.”

I hope this will be of interest to you and your teenagers. If you have questions, please write me at [email protected].

“First of all, let me say what a pleasure it has been to take your class this semester. My greatest disappointment is that you are not here with us to lead class in person. . . . I, however, have been living out what you have taught us each week with fervor! . . . Your lectures are resonating so deep within my spirit.”
– Houston Baptist University student, fall 2014