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July 28, 2011
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What is TTUISD
TTUISD is an accredited school that offers students the opportunity to choose when and where you study. With a flexible education curriculum that meets the same rigorous standards as traditional brick and mortar schools, TTUISD allows students to learn anytime, anywhere. 

Whether you are looking to supplement your school or homeschool curriculum or choose to become a full-time student and pursue a diploma, TTUISDs faculty and staff will make you feel right at home while providing you with a Texas-sized education! 

Mission Statement
To become the leader in providing access to education for learners of all ages. Our supportive, creative people are committed to excellence, diversity and development of high quality programs. 

Accredited programs
Texas Tech University High School is accredited by the Texas Educational Agency (TEA) and all courses and Credit by Exams (CBEs) are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 

As a full-time TTUISD middle or high school student, you will work closely with Texas-certified counselors and administrators who will ensure that you successfully complete the requirements to earn a Texas high school diploma. 
What does TTUISD do? 
Our two options allow you to learn anytime, anywhere. Come be a part of TTUISD - it doesn't matter where you live or when you choose to start.

Option #1. Supplement your school or homeschool curriculum.
Through TTUISD, you can supplement your school or homeschool curriculum or earn high school credit by taking one of more than 65 online or print-based courses. TTU's CBEs are designed to evaluate your mastery of a given subject or discipline relative to Texas standards. TTU offers over 75 online or print-based CBEs. Individual CBE pricing: Credit by Exams: $40 each 

Option #2. Be a Red Raider- in elementary, middle or high school.
TTUISD's curriculum is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). You can become a full-time student in TTUISD's middle or high school. You can begin anytime, there are no enrollment deadlines. Experience a world-class education and become part of a student body comprising of 2,400+ students from 26 states and 12 countries. Our diverse body of students completes their coursework online which allows them to pursue other interests while at the same time working closely with our Texas-certified counselors and administrators. At the culmination of your academic program, celebrate your achievement with a graduation ceremony hosted by TTUISD on the beautiful Texas Tech campus.



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