Take a trip with Tapestry of Grace—for free!

Take a trip with Tapestry of Grace—for free!
January 27, 2014
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Take a trip with Tapestry of Grace—for free!

Pick a word picture for homeschooling. Did you say “journey”—an extended trip full of discoveries and delights which your whole family experiences together? If not, then maybe you haven’t tried Tapestry of Grace. If you haven’t, would you like to take a three-week excursion—for free?

If homeschooling is a journey, it is one that takes some planning. Most curricula were designed for classrooms, not families. Take history: first grade addresses patriotic symbols, diversity, and map skills. A third grade text covers random cultures from various eras, while fifth graders survey only American history to 1791.

And that’s just history! What about literature, government, arts, and other subjects? What we need is a curriculum that puts it all together. We need help, but it can’t be “one size fits all.” We want a good map, an accurate compass, a choice of itineraries and schedules that fit our needs. We want our whole family to take the journey together and have the time of our lives doing it!

That is why Lampstand Press exists. For the past 18 years, Lampstand Press has been helping thousands of families enjoy the journey by creating and publishing Tapestry of Grace and related products. Tapestry’s unit-study approach to history helps parents teach the same moment to all ages (K-12) at their learning levels, week by week. Tapestry integrates all of the humanities, offering age-appropriate assignments in a variety of modalities. There’s something for everyone with Tapestry of Grace.

Each of these subjects is normally taught in isolation in modern classrooms, but Tapestry weaves it all together, with detailed discussion outlines which help you emphasize God’s gracious role as the Author of every story.

So—for Spring Break this year, why not take a road trip with Tapestry? Choose from two different three-week tours—for free! Explore the Ancient World with “Go to Egypt” or start American history right with “Sail to the New World.”

Click here to find out more and start loving the journey today!