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Online Education & Online Writing Help for Homeschoolers 
October 3, 2011
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With school in full swing, many homeschoolers are looking for tools to keep learning fun and continue momentum through the year. Luckily, Time4Learning has a few to offer:

Time4Learning.com has already been recommended by hundreds of parents because of its ease of use, quality curriculum and the fact that their kids enjoy using it. Time4Learning teaches the lessons, grades the activities, tracks time spent on activities (for attendance) and keeps reports perfect for portfolios. View their curriculum overview or try their interactive demos.

Time4Writing.com offers 8-week online writing courses taught by certified teachers. From the basics of grammar to writing an essay for the SATs, Time4Writing is designed to help elementary, middle & high school students master writing at all levels. Take their two minute tour or browse their online writing courses.

Whether you use them as a primary curriculum, as part of an eclectic approach or for skill building, both Time4Learning and Time4Writing bring concepts to life and create more engaged learners. And by engaging them, you're showing them that education CAN AND SHOULD be fun.

Time4Learning has helped tens of thousands of families. Why not yours?



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