Savings for Homeschoolers – From Art to Zoos!

 January 12, 2017

Savings for Homeschoolers – From Art to Zoos!

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Savings for Homeschoolers

The New Year is an exciting time for homeschoolers! Whether you’re transitioning to homeschooling unexpectedly, aka an accidental homeschooler, or an experienced homeschooler beginning a new curriculum, this is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Who doesn’t have a checklist of all the places they want to go, supplies they want to get, or curriculum they want to buy? However, for many homeschoolers, the enthusiasm of what could be quickly subsides when they start adding up the cost.

No one wants to cut corners when it comes to their children’s education, which is why it’s important to know where you can save money as a home educator. Here are a few:

Local attractions: Being a homeschooler has its advantages. Having a flexible schedule makes it possible to attend attractions and avoid crowds by visiting on weekdays, and you can take advantage of group discounts by inviting other homeschoolers to join you. For example, both the Dallas Zoo and California Museum in Sacramento offer admission for half off, and the Old Salem Museums & Gardens in Winston Salem, NC provides admission discounts for homeschool days when purchased by phone. Before heading out to a specific destination, be sure to call ahead or visit their websites to learn more.

Retailers: Many well known vendors, local merchants, and even online retailers that cater specifically to homeschoolers, offer some type of discount. Need a Mac or iPad? Apple provides education pricing for homeschool teachers. The arts and crafts store, Michaels, and the Container Store both provide an in-store teacher discount of 15%. Some companies will ask for proof that you’re a homeschooler, which can be validated by a copy of your declaration of intent to homeschool, a letter from your school district or umbrella school, or an ID card from your homeschool group.

Homeschool curriculum trials: It’s worth checking with the curricula you are exploring to see what options they have available before making the investment. For example, Time4Learning provides an award-winning, comprehensive online curriculum that is incredibly affordable. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee which gives parents and students time to try it out and see if it’s a good fit. Time4Learning also offers discounts for multiple students and savings if you pay for three, six or 12 months at a time, instead of monthly.

There are tons of ways to save as a home educator. Whether it’s on supplies, experiences, or curricula, sticking to a budget is possible. To receive more great homeschooling advice, sign up for our education newsletter. Subscribe now!

Additional Languages Just Launched!

Speaking more than one language has even greater benefits than you can imagine: enhanced mental development, improved cognitive skills, and increased job opportunities to name a few.

This year, add a foreign language to your child’s Time4Learning account. In addition to Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin and English, we now offer Italian, Japanese, and Russian. Access for 6 months is only $59.95 per student/ per language. Seal of Approval      Cathy Duffy Top 102 Top 100      National Parenting Center      Better Business Bureau

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