When parents and children disagree over writing, everyone loses

 May 17, 2016

When parents and children disagree
over writing, everyone loses

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Sound familiar?

Mom and Patrick are both in their rooms. They each need a cool-down after this morning’s homeschool session where a writing assignment turned into yet another war of words. Mom thought she was being helpful by pointing out that Patrick had forgotten to capitalize several proper nouns in his raptor essay. Secretly, she worried that she wasn’t catching all of the things she should to strengthen his writing mechanics, let alone his essay writing. Patrick had been proud of how many facts about birds of prey he’d included, and he was mad that his mom had noticed only the mistakes he’d made. The resulting back-and-forth discussion, and mom’s wavering confidence, left everyone frustrated.

Sensitivity to writing criticism

Writing is a very personal activity. For this reason, and because some elements of writing are subjective, homeschool writing instruction can be extremely tricky. Parents have the best intentions when teaching writing and reviewing their children’s assignments, but it’s difficult for children to take their instruction objectively.

Time4Writing provides an answer for homeschool writing power struggles

If you are feeling “stuck” in this writing struggle with your child, Time4Writing offers a unique solution: an online writing curriculum graded by certified writing teachers. That means building all the important writing skills without hurt feelings or squabbles.

By taking a Time4Writing course, your child will receive both encouragement and positive feedback on their writing from teachers who are passionate about your child’s success. Without the personal attachment, students are much more likely to accept the grades and corrections received from their online writing instructors. It’s a win-win for parents and students.

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