Learn Math & Science in a Way a Textbook Can’t Show You

Learn Math & Science in a Way
a Textbook Can’t Show You
Uzinggo’s online instruction makes tough
math and science concepts easier to teach.
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November 12, 2013
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For most parents, explaining math and science concepts can be a challenge, especially at the higher grade levels. Oftentimes, your student(s) may attend a few hours of school a week for these types of lessons. But now, with Uzinggo, parents can teach these subjects at home with confidence.

Uzinggo is an online learning program designed to aid parents who homeschool children studying the advanced math and science concepts taught in grades 5–12. Uzinggo combines leading education techniques, interactive game-like graphics, and motivational tools to help students develop a deep comprehension of math and science. Homeschool parents can use Uzinggo to supplement and to enhance existing instruction.

Uzinggo is much more engaging than a textbook. Their award-winning instruction teaches students foundational to advanced math and science concepts using interactive, online lessons that mimic a real-world experience. The lessons (a.k.a. ZingPaths™) are self-paced by the student with, subjects ranging from Pre-Algebra to Physics.

Let Uzinggo show you what a textbook can’t. Try one of their lessons right now!

What homeschool parents have to say about Uzinggo…

The traditional textbook and worksheet route did NOT work for daughter #2. We found Uzinggo middle school science online. The visuals and the experiments, which allow her to use the mouse to manipulate “chemicals” and see the result (with no mess!), work well for her active mind and body.

This “non-traditional” approach to science puts the ball in my child’s court. She can do as many “zing-paths” as she wants each day.  She prints out the Activity Sheets and answers the questions as she watches the video.  She seems to be acquiring knowledge without once saying “This is boring!”

While I know the goal of school is not to entertain my student, this curriculum shows her firsthand how science is used in the “real world” and why it is important.  I wish I would have bought this BEFORE the expensive (and boring!) textbook.”

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Parents monitor progress with real-time reports that show how much time the child has spent on activities, if the child completed assessments, and how the child performed on the assessments. There are also Teacher Guides available through the parents’ portal that they can print out to use offline with their child to further enhance the learning experience.

Students are motivated to succeed in a variety of ways when using Uzinggo
in a variety of ways. Earning points by completing assessments enables students to build an avatar, create their own online room, or even enter themselves for a chance to win gift cards by bidding on prizes. Viewing their score ranking on the leaderboard and earning various badges furthers their motivation.

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