homeschool mom, don’t forget to order….

 June 29, 2017

homeschool mom, don’t forget to order….

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Well Planned Day Planner
Home and School in One Planner!

The Well Planned Day planner is a unique planner that has areas for lesson planning, daily schedules, household cleaning, scheduling appointments, dinner menu, and more. Best of all, it allows organization for up to 4 students.

Below you’ll find the top 10 reasons Well Planned Day is the #1 selling homeschool planner.


Top 10 Well Planned Day Features
Making it Homeschooling’s #1 Planner
Well Planned Day Planner
#1. Full School Year
Dated July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018, Well Planned Day is a full color and fully dated planner.
#2. Create a Class Plan
Pages to plan the curriculum for each student and subject, along with a purchasing schedule.
Well Planned Day Planner
#3. Weekly Lesson Planning
Space to plan a daily to-do list for each subject. Bible, Math, History, Science, Language Arts included with space for up to 4 kids in each subject. Extra space to expand Language Arts or add electives.
#4. Grading in Minutes
Using the blocks on each line, simply add a checkmark for complete or add a grade. Each semester contains a student gradebook to average each week’s grades and record.
Well Planned Day Ships
#5. Teacher & Student Schedules
One of my favorite pages, by adding meal times, school time, cleaning schedule, co-ops, piano times, etc. you can quickly assess if you need to remove commitments or have room for more.
#6. Report Cards
Four report cards on heavy card stock included in each planner. Use these for grandparents or in your local community to rewards kids for good grades. Our town offers free ice cream, pizza, and bowling!
Well Planned Day Ships
#7. Dinner Menu & Shopping Lists
On the weekly layout, plan dinner and then use perforated shopping lists to plan your grocery store visit.
#8. Home Management
Space to plan a weekly cleaning schedule and set goals for monthly projects around the house.
Well Planned Day Ships
#9. Chore Charts
For those with little ones, remove chore charts, laminate and use all year long with dry erase markers. Front side are for chores, back side for school.
#10. Holiday Section
Between November and December, pages to organize your holidays. Christmas cards, parties, gift giving, shopping and more!