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June 3, 2009

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Advantages is accredited and 100% online.
The Answer for Students on the Move.


As homeschoolers, we all know the many choices we have when it comes to curriculum. So, when there is a curriculum choice out there that is so unique…so different…so easy to use… and so rewarding that it is being featured on the Bravo Television Network, wouldn’t you want to know about it? With Advantages being such a great homeschooling resource, it’s no wonder that Life and Leisure is featuring Advantages Online Private School this summer. To view the segment where Advantages is featured, please click here.


Advantages School is a private online school that makes homeschooling easy. That’s because Advantages provides the teachers, curriculum, grading, and everything else you’d expect from a traditional school, but your children have the advantage of independent learning within the safety of their own home. Thus, you and your children experience the best of both worlds!


Advantages offers:


  • A full curriculum for grades 2 through 12 – All courses are single semester courses that can be started at the beginning of each and every month. Such flexibility! For older students, the courses consist of core classes, electives, honors, AP courses and credit recovery classes. Test prep courses include SAT/ACT, CaHSEE and algebra readiness.
  • Accreditation by one of the top 6 premier commissions of education in America. Since Advantages school is accredited there is no worry about the legitimacy of your student’s classes, school records, or his/her diploma. This makes the return to traditional school—or better yet–college acceptance less worrisome.
  • Curriculum that meets or exceeds state and national standards. Your children will be getting a top notch education.
  • Classes that are accepted by traditional high schools and colleges
    (AP courses are authorized by the College Board).
  • Two diploma options: General and College Prep.
  • An Academic Advisor to each student upon enrollment.
  • 100% online curriculum—your student can attend school ANYTIME and ANYWHERE—and all curriculum is delivered online—there are no extra textbooks, DVD’s, downloads, etc. What a savings that will be!
  • Highly qualified teachers ( each teacher is licensed and has at least 10 years of experience or a Master’s degree). They do the grading and assessing NOT the parent. This is especially helpful with advanced curriculum.
  • Tuition payment plans and unlimited enrollment in courses. This means your student can truly optimize his/her potential and at the same time, get more bang for the buck). Advantages offers discounts on tuition for siblings/US military and for group enrollments.
  • Weekly progress reports. You’ll never be out of the loop.
  • Completely self paced programs (except AP and test prep).
  • Courses that are updated continuously.
  • An audio feature for Spanish and English.
  • Quick access to school administration and service to families.


Advantages Online Private School is a perfect choice for any student. Students who want to get ahead, students who need to make up credits, and students that desire educational mobility combined with a strong curriculum and access to highly qualified teachers find Advantages the perfect fit for their educational needs. Advantages also serves students whose career focus or extracurricular activities conflicts with traditional school attendance expectations. All that is required is an internet connection.

Here are just some of the courses that Advantages offers for high school students:


Math Foundations I Earth Science
Math Foundations II Honors Earth Science
Introductory Algebra Physical Science
Honors Introductory Algebra Honors Physical Science
Algebra I Biology
Honors Algebra I Honors Biology
Algebra II Chemistry
Honors Algebra II Honors Chemistry
Honors Geometry
Honors Precalculus
English Foundations II Geography and World Cultures
Reading Skills and Strategies Honors Geography and World Cultures
Writing Skills and Strategies World History
Introduction to Literature and Composition Honors World History
Honors Introduction to Literature and Composition U.S. History
Critical Reading and Effective Writing Honors U.S. History
Honors Critical Reading and Effective Writing U.S. Government and Politics
American Literature Honors U.S. Government and Politics
Honors American Literature U.S. and Global Economics
British and World Literature Honors U.S. and Global Economics
Honors British and World Literature
French I Music Appreciation
Honors French I Honors Music Appreciation
French II
Honors French II
Spanish I
Honors Spanish I
Spanish II
Honors Spanish II
Physical Education
Skills for Health


In addition to all of the above, strives to offer superior customer support.  When you call Advantages, someone ALWAYS answers the phone.  If the questions can’t be answered by the general receptionist, the calls are forwarded to the person who can answer them.  You get live people with Advantages, not an endless website search leading to a remote email address.


Try Advantages yourself…Homeschooling has never been so easy!


Visit today to see what a great fit it is for you and your child.