Help Your Child Achieve Math Success This School Year


Help Your Child Achieve Math Success
This School Year

September 4, 2012
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The new school year is here and now is the perfect time to let ALEKS help your child succeed in math! Using artificial intelligence and adaptive, open-response questioning, ALEKS quickly and accurately determines what a student knows and is most ready to learn.

Personalized Learning
Within ALEKS, each student has a personalized learning path represented by a multicolored pie chart.

Detailed Explanations
When a student is working on a particular problem, she can access a detailed explanation by clicking on the “Explain” button.

Full Course Library
With courses ranging from elementary school math to PreCalculus, ALEKS is a flexible and mobile education solution that can be used for a variety of curriculum needs, including gifted, remediation, college readiness, and more.

Robust Master Account
ALEKS provides homeschooling parents with a robust Master Account that can be used to monitor and direct their child’s progress.


Help your child achieve math success this school year with ALEKS by signing up for a complimentary 2-month trial (a $39.90 value!).