A Personalized Summer Learning Solution for Math

Give Each Child a Personalized Path to Math Success This School Year
August 12, 2013
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Are you looking for a personalized curriculum solution that will help your child succeed in math this school year? Using a unique combination of learning and assessment, ALEKS determines precisely what a student knows, doesn’t know, and is most ready to learn. This innovative approach to math instruction builds confidence and ensures each child is provided with an individual path to math success.

ALEKS offers a robust course library with courses for grades 3-12 that can be used to fit a variety of curriculum needs, including gifted, remediation, college readiness, and more. Students also have 24/7, online access to ALEKS from a computer or tablet device, making ALEKS a flexible and mobile education solution for math.


“My three daughters have been using ALEKS since 2011 and we couldn’t be happier. Before using ALEKS, it was always a struggle trying to teach each of them at their own level. Now, all three of my children are working ahead of their grade levels, and one is even working three years ahead!

– Kathleen B., Homeschooling Parent, PA


See how ALEKS will help your children succeed in math this school year by signing up for a complimentary 2-month trial (a $39.90 value!).

ALEKS is a Research-Based Online Math Program:


  • Artificial Intelligence Targets Gaps in Student Knowledge
  • Individualized Learning and Assessment in an Open-Response Environment
  • Complete Curriculum Solution for Math with Access to Full Course Library
  • Master Account – Monitor and Direct Student Progress
  • Unlimited Online Access – PC, Mac, and Tablet Compatible
  • QuickTables – Math Fact Mastery Program Included with Any Math Course