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American Learning Library curriculum resources online

American Learning Library (ALL) takes our experience of over 25 years of publishing best-selling books for libraries and schools to create a single, blended-learning website which can be used by homeschoolers as successfully as educational institutions. At last, everything you need is ALL in one place. ALL is based on a sound foundation of curriculum books , richly supported with thousands of videos , photo galleries, teacher’s guides, student worksheets, task cards, and more. So, with these resources at your side, however your child learns best, and whether you are a teacher, parent, or homeschooler, and whatever style of teaching you want to adopt – we have material to help you to prove that success is possible for everyone..

What users say

  • “I am an avid user of American Learning Library, and use it every day. The children love the activities, and the resources are fabulous.”
  • “It has that feel of being loved by teachers – not made by a corporation.”
  • “The search results are all displayed on a single page: videos, books, teacher resources – everything. I just start a lesson, and it is all there in front of me!”
  • “There is nowhere else that can touch this site for its book and video content at this level.”
  • “The weekly videos are just amazing. It is as though you were there.”
  • “I use it to start every day’s work.”
  • “I know that American Learning Library will have it somewhere.”
From 5¢ a day
No matter how many amazing resources we have, they are useless if they are out of your budget. As experienced teachers and parents, we know what it’s like to make a little go a long way. THAT is why we will always keep our prices affordable, and give you incredible value for money. Check out what is available as freebies, but access to all resources costs just 10¢ a day for a single user, or 5¢ per user when purchasing for a family. No one else can match that.



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American Learning Library

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American Learning Library

Navigation made simple

Ever found websites too cluttered and confusing to navigate? Not ours. You just choose your subject, click/tap on a friendly book cover icon, and all of the resources you need will be displayed in one convenient place.

Resources all in one place
With videos, page-turning books, picture galleries, lesson plans, worksheets, comprehensions, activities and far more, it’s obvious why our thousands of users say our resources are so indispensable.

Safe internal search and content

A safe and secure internal search engine. In our search engine, like our website, you will never find an external link. The material has been produced and created by us, so you can be secure in letting children navigate our site on their own. The search shows all of the resources for the search word: video, book and more.


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