July 27, 2016

American School Introduces Middle School Courses, AP Courses and More!

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American School, www.americanschool.org,
has been a leader in distance education for more than a century. You may be familiar with our accredited high school courses that may be taken individually for enrichment purposes or as part of our General High School Program or College Preparatory Program, but starting this fall, American School is proud to offer online middle school courses and Advanced Placement courses while continuing to offer the same quality online and paper-based high school courses that we have for more than a century.

Students in grades 6 through 8 may take American School’s online middle school courses collectively as part of a full-year program or on an individual basis to enrich an existing homeschool program. A full-year program consists of 5 units of credit and costs $1000. The 5 units of credit include one credit each in English, Math, Science and Social Studies and an elective of the student’s choice in one of the four subject areas above or in Careers, Fine Arts or World Language fields. Individual courses cost $200 per each. Currently American School offers middle school courses only in an online format, but paper-based middle school courses are in development and should be available during the 2016-17 school year. For more information, visit www.americanschool.org/middleschool.

For students in upper grades, we are pleased to introduce Advanced Placement courses. These rigorous courses will give students the opportunity to earn credit toward a high school diploma and eligibility to take an exam in the spring which may reward them with college credit. AP courses will be offered in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Fine Arts and make an excellent addition to one of American School’s diploma programs. More information may be found at www.americanschool.org/apcourses.

Students who plan on taking AP courses and the exams that go with them also may wish to take the ACT or SAT in order to be accepted at the college or university of their choice. American School offers online ACT and SAT prep courses that can give students the extra edge they need to do their very best on those important examinations. Visit www.americanschool.org/actsatprep for more details.

World Language courses look good on any transcript, and American School is pleased to double the amount of its Rosetta Stone courses this fall. New course offerings include Filipino, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Korean, Persian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese. You can see a full list of American School’s 22 online World Language courses by visiting www.americanschool.org/rosetta-stone.

As you just read, there are plenty of changes coming to American School, but our commitment to outstanding curriculum, affordable cost, caring student service and impeccable credibility with accreditations by MSA-CESS, Ai and NCPSA never change. Whether you or your child needs one course or a whole program, we offer the accredited middle school and high school courses you need at a cost you can afford.

Visit www.americanschool.org/homeschooldotcom
to learn more and enroll.
We look forward to being of service to you and your family.