Enjoy the Freedom of Online Homeschooling

Enjoy the Freedom of Online Homeschooling

Online homeschooling is one of those amazing resources that most of us can’t live without! If you haven’t tried incorporating online homeschooling resources into your homeschool, the new school year is a perfect time. There are free resources as well as paid resources that will help you maximize your homeschool learning experience while making things much easier for the homeschooling parent.

Free Online Homeschooling High School Resources

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Online Homeschooling Resources Cost Comparison

  • Textbooks: This is probably the most familiar option to new homeschoolers, but plenty of veteran homeschoolers prefer textbooks as well. You’ll need student editions and teacher’s editions for each student edition you purchase. Some companies make a student version, an answer key version (just like the student’s except it has the answers), and a teacher’s edition with lesson plans. Oh, and then there are the quiz and test booklets and accompanying quiz and test answer key booklets. Phew! You can fully expect to spend several hundred dollars on this option, somewhere in the ballpark of $500-$700, depending on the publisher.
  • Virtual School: If your state offers a virtual school option, you might want to take advantage of it because the courses are usually free of charge. You won’t have control over the curriculum, but you also won’t have to deal with lesson plans, checking work, keeping track of grades, and more. In most virtual school situations, each course has an assigned certified teacher. This teacher is your student’s “go-to” person for any questions or situations that arise.
  • Online: Depending on the program you’re looking into, this may be the most expensive option. Online schools are becoming much more popular, and these days your students can do just a single subject online or all courses. Online settings vary – some offer the assistance of a certified teacher and others do not. Some provide support through the company while others do not. It truly just depends. We’ve seen online courses available for as little as $250 (for a single course) and as much as $1,000 (for a full load of courses).
  • Homeschool Academy: In a homeschool academy, your student’s grades, report cards, and transcripts are tracked through the academy instead of through you. In many cases, the academy also issues your student a high school diploma. Most academies also offer direct support. Some provide the option for your student to take video lessons through the computer or DVDs while others have your student work independently in textbooks. The cost for homeschool academies depends on what the academy offers and which of these options you choose to use. However, you can expect to spend anywhere around $400 to $1,500 per student, depending on the program.