January 6, 2016

FREE eBook for Parents of Teens
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A FREE eBook from Axis for Parents of Teens:
“How To Talk With Your Kids About Pop Culture”
How To Talk With Your Kids About Pop Culture
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Over the past decade, pop-culture has become the primary influence on teenagers’ lives. It’s discipling them and teaching them how to live. Parents need to talk to their kids about pop-culture because pop-culture is circumventing their influence as parents.

As a parent of teens, we’d like to present you with a free copy of the ebook we’ve written on this topic. It has a five star rating on Amazon.

As an added bonus, you are invited to contact us regarding how to get a free copy to all of the parents and grandparents in your church.

There’s no catch. Our mission is to serve parents and grandparents nationwide to help their students have a lifelong faith. In other words, we serve as culture translators to help you understand your student’s world and disciple your kids. We hope this FREE resource helps!

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