The Holy Bible in its Original Order

The Holy Bible in its Original Order
June 23, 2014
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“The Holy Bible In Its Original Order”

It Could be the Last Bible
You’ll Ever Need to Buy!


The Holy Bible In Its Original Order
is the most unique Bible ever produced. In fact, it could be the last Bible you’ll ever need to buy!
Here’s why… 

Features the original order of books

This is the only complete Bible ever published in a single volume in which the books are arranged in the original canonical manuscript order. Scholars recognize this inspired order but overlook its importance. This Bible gives verifiable proof of the original order, tracing how it was mysteriously altered in the 4th century. Restoring the Bible’s original order substantiates its divine inspiration. Major portions of Scripture become “unscrambled,” unlocking vital keys to understanding. The Bible suddenly takes on a new sense of balance, symmetry, and unity.

Easy-to-understand, accurate translation

This translation reflects the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek with fidelity and accuracy. It combines current scholarship with the latest in archeological findings—yet it is free from the influence of religious tradition and assumption.

Includes in-depth Bible helps

This Bible features numerous commentaries, appendices, maps, and footnotes—all designed to help the reader recapture the “faith once delivered.” Over the centuries, doctrinal errors have developed from inaccurate translations and the adherence to religious tradition. Setting aside such traditions, this Bible restores more than the canonical order—it restores the very truth of God.

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