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        Big Bible Town
    May 11, 2011
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Bible Bible Town

The Video Game You'll WANT Your Kids To Play!

Big Bible Town - Noah's Ark

Children Sharpen Skills Like:

  • Building Personal Character: Bible adventure gameplay reinforces scriptural truths to help build Christian character.
  • Learn Biblical History: Your children will sharpen their Biblical History knowledge by hearing and 'doing' the Bible stories.
  • Math Skills and Money Management: By earning and spending virtual money, kids practice math and money management.
  • Outreach and Spreading the Gospel: Game tasks let children practice acts of service and telling others about Christ.
  • Teamwork and Church Community: Children learn about tithing and that when people work together as a church, they can do great things for their community.

Plus -- BIG Bible Town is a completely ad-free, child-safe zone. No personal information is present in the game.

All communication among children is limited to predefined, safe, and appropriate messages.

visit BIG Bible Town
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Play Now

Big Bible Town - Zacheaus

BIG Bible Town
is an online Bible-story game designed for grades K-6. Using this interactive Bible game, you can bring Bible stories to life in your homeschool Bible studies.

BIG Bible Town is the first and only online game that immerses K-6 children in scripture-based Bible adventures with game play that teaches Christian values and encourages kids to put their faith into practice. The game is a fun, Christian alternative to popular online games with monsters and penguins. It is designed to tap into video game playtime to help build Christian character and instill Bible knowledge that will serve kids for a lifetime and beyond.

Children Learn Valuable Life Skills
Non-denominational, scripturally accurate, and created to promote Biblical literacy, the objective of BIG Bible Town is to "instill the Word and let the Word do the work".

Children have fun playing and participating in dozens of Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments. They'll strengthen their Bible knowledge by seeing, hearing, and then doing tasks related to Biblical truths fostered in the stories.

What Homeschool Parents Are Saying
"Thanks for Bible Town! Finally something worthwhile that my 11-year-old really enjoys and that also reinforces what he is studying at church and through homeschool." Carrie G. - Homeschool Mom

"This game isn't just about fun (although it is SUPER FUN!), it's also about building character, increasing your child's Bible knowledge, and encouraging them to share their Bible knowledge with friends. It uses the fun of video games to teach Biblical values. Angie K. - Homeschool mom

We love this game!! Amen for a game that is not mindless, a game that teaches God's word! We feel so blessed to have found it! My daughter has learned so much and I don't feel guilty letting her play a game that teaches God's word! Thank you Big Bible Town! Michelle R. - Homeschool Mom

Big Bible Town - Daniels

Try It Out for FREE
It's super easy to get started. Just visit www.BIGBibleTown.com to learn all the details, see a movie of how the game works, and register to start playing for FREE. Your free account lets you create your own character and play 2 of the 30 Bible adventure games - Noah Obeyed God and Jesus and Zacchaeus.

See All 30 Bible Adventures!


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