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Homeschoolers have been hearing a lot about online alternatives to the traditional in-home homeschooling experience but there are additional solutions out there that allow families to customize their experience to create the best learning environment for their needs.

By combining in-home instruction, prepared expert curriculum, and technology-based solutions in different levels at different times homeschoolers can continually update and enhance their learning options as their needs and wants change. Bob Jones University (BJU) Press gives homeschoolers the chance to create a learning environment with the following features:

1.     The Hard Drive is an easy-to-use method for families who enjoy modern technology.

  • The DVD contains all of lessons for an entire grade level for a whole year.
  • Requirements include some basic computer skills and a PC with Windows XP/Vista.
  • The drive plugs into any USB port and user-friendly menus keep track of which lessons have been viewed.
  • K4-Grade 8 available

2.      Distance Learning on DVD is a convenient, portable technology product.

  • DVDs can be viewed on a TV set, a DVD player, most computers, and many laptop computers.
  • The DVDs do not include a per-child viewing fee and textbooks are included in the DVD package.
  • Complete grade packages are available for elementary grades K4 through grade 6 and grades 7–12 can order either as a complete grade package or as individual courses.
  • Parents can exchange DVDs one or two grade levels up or down (maximum two subjects) to meet individual student needs.
  • BJU Press Distance Learning on DVD can be ordered anytime during the year.

3.      Satellite

  • The satellite system is used on a regular TV and allows connection to a multitude of courses in a wide range of subject in every.
  • The program includes four channels of teaching each day and also provides workshops about teaching and parenting, as well as wholesome entertainment programs.
  • The installation manual provides assembly and installation instructions and a guide to the digital recorder to allow for greater flexibility in scheduling.
  • The fee is $49.99 per month for the entire satellite network programming and course registration is only $10 to $40 per course per year.
  • Textbooks are available for purchase online or through the catalog.

4.     Full Grade Kits

  • Kits include a 13-month lease of DVDs and essential textbooks that are needed to teach the courses in that grade along with teacher-prepared handouts. After thirteen months the DVDs are returned but the textbooks and handouts are kept.
  • There is no subscription fee or registration fee.
  • Optional Bible and Foreign Language electives are available for grades 7-12 at no additional charge.
  • Full grade DVD kits are available for grades 1-12 at $999 per grade. K4 is $399 and K5 is $749.

5.     Subject Kits

6.     Textbooks

  • BJU Press textbooks are written from the philosophy that the best way to educate a child is to help him understand what he’s learning, not simply memorize it.
  • Textbooks include a Teacher’s Edition, which shows how to use the program correctly; coordinates the other pieces of the program; and provides a wealth of background information, resource materials, additional activities, and suggestions on how to teach the material.
  • The Home School Teacher’s Edition is adapted to the home school situation; the activities incorporate materials easily found in most homes and are designed for one student to do.

7.     Testing and Recordkeeping

  • BJU Press offers a fully authorized Testing & Evaluation service with reliable and nationally recognized tests.
  • Other services such as a writing evaluation and career guidance assessment are provided to enhance student education.
  • Experienced homeschool consultants give advice on teaching, as well as tips on getting started, organization, scheduling, grading, teaching more than one child, and teaching children with special needs.
  • The BJU Press Academy of Home Education records grades, tracks academic progress, and ultimately provides students a diploma and high school transcript from a recognized institution.
  • Students can also connect with their peers in the Academy of Home Education.

For more information visit their website at To view the Scope & Sequence visit To order by phone call 800.845.5731 or to order by mail or fax send completed order form to:

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