3 Group-Writing Tools, 1 Unique Process!

 April 16, 2015

3 Group-Writing Tools,
1 Unique Process!

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Hi Homeschoolers,

We know that getting your student engaged in writing—any sort of writing—can sometimes be a challenge. Even the most passionate writer can have trouble starting, lose steam, or just need a little guidance.

BoomWriter is here to help! Our easy to use and interactive group-writing tools are an ideal fit for homeschool co-ops and let students develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills—collaboratively. Whether you’re writing stories, developing vocabulary, or conducting a nonfiction project, each student writes and submits their entry. Once all entries are in, each student then anonymously casts their vote for the best version. It is this simple idea of everyone writes, everyone votes that powers all of our tools: StoryWriter, WordWriter, and the new ProjectWriter.

We feature three edtech tools, all using our unique group-writing platform:

  • StoryWriter – Conduct group story-writing activities that get published! Using StoryWriter, your homeschoolers will develop their understanding of key literary elements, such as plot, character development, structure, and voice, through their own writing.
  • WordWriter – Let students participate in short interactive vocabulary application activities to assess and enhance understanding.
  • ProjectWriter – Ideal for dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections, ProjectWriter lets homeschoolers demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and terms being taught through nonfiction writing.

BoomWriter’s award-winning tools are perfect for homeschoolers ages 6-18 and can be used with a variety of curricula including Social Studies/History, Science, ELA, and more! All of our tools need just 5 participating students for the fun to begin—ideal for co-ops or any other home-based learning groups. For every entry and vote cast, kids receive Boomer Bucks to use to customize their very own Boomer Avatar—this gamification helps to encourage participation and increases their confidence as writers!

Ready to start collaborating in the co-op? Join today! BoomWriter is free for homeschools to use and sure to engage your students in writing with our technology twist!

Happy Writing,

The BoomWriter Team