Why you shouldn’t use this curriculum

July 19, 2012
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Most curriculum publishers will give you a long list of reasons why their curriculum is the best. We, at Calvert Education Services,  prefer a different approach. We want to be upfront about what it takes to use our curriculum and let you decide whether it’s the best approach for you and your child. The truth is…..our curriculum is not for everyone.

Calvert’s curriculum is a rigorous program that requires time and effort by both the parent and the child. However, many of our Calvert families tell us they can see the benefits in just a few weeks. And as with anything in life, hard work has its rewards!


1. You think your child would be bored.

Swirling graphics and talking cartoon characters are great entertainment, and even sometimes educational, but how much is the child really learning? At Calvert, we focus on the fundamentals first – reading, writing, arithmetic, and critical thinking. Our pre k-8 curriculum provides a solid, rigorous, and classic educational foundation that prepares students for advanced courses and higher learning. But don’t worry, we still know how to have fun! Learn more about our approach >>

2. You want a curriculum that is completely online.

While we understand the importance of technology, at Calvert Education Services we carefully evaluate every individual element of our curriculum and then we ask ourselves, “How would this piece be most effective?”. If we feel the answer lies with a technology component, then we add it. However, we don’t add technology simply for the sake of adding it. We combine traditional schooling materials and texts with optional online texts and resources. Our curriculum can be used anytime, anywhere. Internet access not necessary. View our 2012 – 2013 catalog >>

3. You don’t need help or support.

Every family encounters a few bumps along the homeschooling journey. We’re here to help! Each Calvert curriculum enrollment includes access to our Educational Counselors at no additional cost. Our Education Counselors, a staff of experienced master-level teachers, are available to assist you with scheduling, motivating your child, organizing materials, explaining concepts, providing teaching tips, placement, and more! Call us now! 1-888-487-4652

4. You enjoy spending most of your free time planning your curriculum.

Talk with any Calvert parent and they will tell you that Calvert’s Lesson Manuals are the “gold” of the Calvert curriculum. By providing you with complete daily plans for all subjects, these indispensable books allow you to easily guide your child day-to-day. We take the guess-work out of planning and free up your time for more activities with your family! Plus, our structure allows you to set your own pace so you and your child have the most productive educational experience possible. Learn more about Calvert Lesson Manuals >>

5. You think it’s too expensive.

While our curriculum may seem pricey up front, the truth is – you get what you pay for. Our courses combine the best in classroom-tested materials, teacher-created Lesson Manuals, and proven educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum. Our Calvert parents find tremendous value in knowing their children are receiving a top-notch education.

We also offer a number of ways to save!

Military Family Discount – In honor of our families who have a parent involved in military service, Calvert is proud to offer a discount on your entire order.

Multiple Child Discount – To make a Calvert education more affordable for larger families, we offer a discount for each additional child you enroll. If the discounts apply to all of your children, you save even more!

Information Session Discount – Calvert’s Online Information Sessions were created to inform new and potential Calvert families about the Calvert program and homeschooling in general. Sign up for one of our online information sessions now and save!

Financial Aid – Calvert is pleased to offer Financial Aid, which is determined by demonstrated need.

Tuition-Free Virtual Schools – We now offer families a tuition-free virtual education through over 150 Calvert Partner Schools throughout the World. Find a Calvert Partner School in your area!

What some of our parents have to say about Calvert:

“As a former teacher in a large public school system, I have been very impressed with the Calvert curriculum. As a busy parent, I like the fact that I don’t have to spend endless hours putting together lesson plans. Every day I am amazed at how thorough and well-rounded the materials are. I can’t even imagine using another curriculum besides Calvert.”
— Julia B..

“He was a B and C student … because of the one-on-one attention, he’s an A and B student now. Thank you for a well laid out and easy to use course. We look forward to next year! We are a loyal Calvert family”
— Jennifer H..

“Students not only learn a wide variety of subjects, but do so while completing fun and challenging activities that keep them motivated.”
— Brian F..

“Every time we have ever had to contact Calvert with any questions or concerns, we have found everyone we have ever dealt with to be very courteous and pleasant and had answers for us in a good timely manner. We look forward to yet another year of Calvert School as our son’s choice of home school education and appreciate all the work and help we receive through every grade.”
— Sheri M..