July 23, 2015

The Calvert Difference = Homeschool Success

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Choosing a homeschooling provider can be challenging. We advise families to look for programs with proven, accredited curriculum that can be individualized for each child, and a blend of printed and online materials for a richer educational experience.

Calvert Education delivers these “must haves” and more.
We encourage you to explore the Calvert Difference which includes:

  • Academic excellence. Our curriculum exceeds national standards on education requirements and 21st Century skill sets. Calvert helps children realize their full potential with individualized programs to meet each student’s unique needs.
  • Dynamic resources and helpful tools. Step-by-step lesson plans guide you and help you excel as a teacher. Our online Teaching Navigator helps you easily view and track your child’s progress and manage your schedule. In addition to Calvert’s leading curriculum, all Calvert families get FREE interactive educational tools and videos from carefully vetted online content providers – a $500 value.
  • Dedicated support every step of the way. Calvert families have unlimited access to Educational Counselors who assist you with curriculum questions, alternative teaching strategies and practical advice. In addition, you’ll have the option of having certified teachers supplement your instruction by grading and commenting on your child’s tests. Calvert provides videos and webinars on a multitude of education topics, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Community. With Calvert you’re not alone. We make it easy for you to connect to other homeschooling families through in-person activities, online events and an active community of Calvert families on Facebook and other social media.

You put your heart and soul into your family, and we put our hearts into helping you every step of the way.

Call Calvert today at 1-866-853-1860 to speak to an Enrollment Advisor who can help you see if Calvert is right for you and your family or request more information today.

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