Helping Our Children
Become Better Learners

April 16, 2014
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…helping our children become better learners

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One of the greatest challenges a parent faces is preparing their child for a successful future.

What a child learns early in life will serve as the foundation for all of their years to follow, in both their social and professional lives to come. One of the cornerstones of this foundation is a child’s ability to learn and acquire new knowledge, so that they can analyze information from the world around them and make good decisions based on their ability to process information.

At Challenging Our Minds, we believe that by improving a child’s thinking skills, a parent can help boost their child’s ability to learn, and improve their potential for a healthy and successful future.

Challenging Our Minds (COM) prepares a child to be a better learner. When the learning process becomes easier, because the child is better equipped, then the learning process is less frustrating and much more rewarding for the child. This enhances the whole educational process.

COM is an online, cognitive skills enhancement system designed especially for use by children 6 to 18 years old, across the entire spectrum of learning, from special to gifted, and every child in-between. But it doesn’t stop there! The thinking skills learned through the 60 exercises found in the COM system can be used to sharpen the cognitive abilities of children, parents, and teachers alike.

COM is designed to develop and enhance cognitive functions across the following domains:

  • Attention Skills
  • Executive Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Visuospatial Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Psychosocial Skills

Years of research have shown that improved cognitive skills lead to improved academic performance, and our research (as well as the research of independent studies), has shown that the Challenging Our Minds system can act as an important tool for enhancing your child’s ability to learn.

Challenging Our Minds is a fully-online system, perfect for families on-the-go, summer vacation months, or just as an addition to your child’s regular curriculum – anywhere that you can get an internet connection, Challenging Our Minds will be there.

As a special offer for our homeschool subscribers, we are introducing our new Family Subscription, with no contract and no minimum time period for enrollment!

Screenshots from 6 of our 60 cognitive exercises:

Instructions are presented in print and/or verbally.

Even though COM is online, it fills your screen so there are no distractions.

There is a host / helper in the form of an animated cartoon character, Al. Both children and adults really like Al.

Each task has 3 levels of difficulty.
Score lights for points and passes keep students informed as to their progress.

Advancement, based upon mastery of each Task, is handled automatically by the system.

Three consecutive passes of a Level indicates that the Level has been mastered.

Requiring mastery helps to assure that the skills learned will be available for use outside our program.

When possible, the screens are created in a random fashion to keep the user thinking.

Even difficult tasks are started at a simple level to facilitate learning the task and skill development.

Our focus is on cognitive skills development that will make academic learning easier and more enjoyable.

When a student is having difficulty, Al, our cartoon character, will pop up with a hint or demonstration.
Our evidence-based systems are backed by published research.

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