The Principle Approach® for Homeschooling

The Principle Approach® for Homeschooling

Unique among teaching methods today is the one that was used by our Founding Fathers and the writers of the Bible which depends on the Scriptures for its methodology. The Foundation for Christian Education believes that the Principle Approach® method to education is the superior method for teaching a Biblical worldview and applying God’s truths in every subject. With this method, not only is the Biblical worldview the framework for understanding each subject, but in each lesson, Biblical principles are taught that expand and enrich the Biblical understanding of that subject.

May 11, 2009

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Foundational to this method is the principle of Individuality – each child is uniquely created by God. Each child therefore has his/her own set of learning styles, challenges, and skills. A home educator has the opportunity to customize each lesson to the needs of each child and the Principle Approach® is designed for just this purpose! Each student is given the opportunity to excel and best of all, to love learning.

When using the Principle Approach® the home educator (the teacher) will learn as he/she prepares and teaches each lesson. We call this the “Teacher as Learner” concept. The students learn from the personal growth, knowledge, experience and stories of the teacher so, he/she is a “Living Textbook.”

The Principle Approach® teaches your student how to learn. He will acquire the reading, research, application, and writing skills necessary to study own. The Principle Approach® is the best preparation for higher learning! After your child graduates from his/her home education, he/she will be prepared for college and all future academic pursuits.
The character formed in your child will be the priceless and enduring hallmark of their Biblical, Principle Approach® education.

The Foundation for American Christian Education does this through the use of the Noah Plan®.

The Noah Plan instills:
� Critical thinking skills
� Christian scholarship
� Reasoning skills
� Biblical life principles

The Noah Plan® curriculum is based on a methodology that causes the child to produce. It teaches them to reason, take ownership over what they’re producing and stand confident in life. They become not only good students but life-long learners.

The Noah plan® is classical in nature; offers grade by grade curriculum, kindergarten through high school; and includes the subjects of Bible and Reading, Literature, History and Geography, Art, English, French and Mathematics.

The curriculum correlates with unit studies. Many of Rosalie Slater’s teacher guides for the children’s classics in the literature program have been written with unit studies in mind.

The Noah Plan® can be easily adapted to teach several grade levels in one classroom simply by selecting the Bible and history courses that best fit the ages of your children and choosing the children’s literature classics that bridge their ages. Because the Principle Approach® is driven by principles and leading ideas from which to reason and relate (not facts and information to be memorized and regurgitated) it is possible to teach these inspirational subjects to children of varied ages and develop age-appropriate assignments and tests for each child. For skill subjects such as arithmetic, reading, composition, and penmanship, you would schedule the time to teach each child these subjects at his specific grade level.

Click here to view a sample lesson.

Through the use of the Principle Approach® your student will learn how to learn. Your student will acquire the reading, research, application, and writing skills necessary to study on his/her own.

Isn’t this the best preparation for higher learning? After your child graduates from his/her home education, s/he will be prepared for college and all future academic pursuits. It doesn’t get any better than that!