Save on your Next Achievement Test

 April 8, 2015

Save on your
Next Achievement Test

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Good News for Home School Parents!

California Achievement Test Sale

For a limited time, Christian Liberty is offering its standardized achievement testing service at a non-standard discount price.

From now until the end of June, home educators can order the paper or online version of the nationally recognized California Achievement Test (1970 edition) for their students at five dollars off the regular price. This independent testing service is available starting with students who have finished first grade, and ending at the twelfth grade level.

Most parent educators understand the value of objectively and comprehensively measuring their students academic development on an annual basis. The California Achievement Test (CAT) is an excellent evaluation tool that will help parents to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each of their students in the basic skills of reading, spelling, grammar, and math.

Don’t let another school year end without making the effort to evaluate just how well your students are progressing. Christian Liberty has now made this process both inexpensive and convenient, so place your order today!

Learn more about our achievement test options: paper version and online version.


CLASS, an independent and non-denominational K–12 Christian home education program, is a pioneer (since 1968) of the modern home school movement and has helped well over 100,000 families to get started—and succeed—in home schooling. Christian Liberty Press is the publishing division and the CLASS Plan offers curriculum and accountability.

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