Free Resources for Homeschoolers

 July 13, 2015

Free Resources for Homeschoolers

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Recent discoveries in numerous scientific fields now tell us that our universe—and life itself—could not have simply “fallen together” under some random process. In fact, many honest scientists are now expressing serious doubts about evolutionary theory. Examine the evidence for yourself in our new booklet, God or No god? Some Clues From Science. Request your FREE copy today at



Harmony of the
Gospels — The
Life of Christ

A step-by-step account of the life of Jesus. Features original artwork and over 100 photographs. At 380 pages, this is a great study resource for the whole family!

God�s Bible
Pathway for

A wonderful tool for parents to use in teaching their young children about God. Emphasizes good and loving behavior in obedience to God and parents.

America and
Britain — in
the Bible?

This one-of-a-kind book examines the history of the English-speaking peoples from a biblical perspective. You’ll never look at America the same again!


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