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August 28, 2008

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While distance education can offer students a more convenient or alternative method to a traditional learning setting, it can also be an expensive or precarious undertaking because of the variety of programs available online. With a little research, homeschoolers can locate very affordable, quality online education programs such as the one offered by Citizens’ High School.

Unlike some programs, theirs is also low cost and offers a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy. Students can take individual subject courses or enroll in a complete diploma program. The accredited independent study high school was founded in 1981 and offers instruction leading to a high school diploma combined with many of the options that make distance education desirable.

1. Distance Learning


  • Citizens’ High School observes a year-round calendar, which means that students may begin and complete coursework and grade levels at their own pace.
  • Students enrolling in the Individual Subject Program can choose from all of the available individually courses and have one (1) year to complete a course.
  • Students looking for a complete diploma program can follow either a General or Academic Studies Program and choose from a number of electives in addition to the core curriculum which includes English, math, science, and social studies.
  • The General Study Program, designed for students seeking a diploma for employment opportunities after graduation, offers a wide range of business subjects designed to enhance a student’s marketable skills.
  • The Academic Study Program is designed for students planning to continue in a post-secondary school or training program and is more focused in math, science, and other advanced academic subjects.2. Affordable Tuition


  • The tuition includes all educational materials which are kept by the student and the personalized exam correction by qualified teachers. Shipping and handling fees are not included in the tuition.
  • Each new student is offered a 30-day, no obligation review of the first course, which means families can return the educational materials (in the original condition) and receive a full refund without further obligation.
  • There are no finance charges on the tuition payment plans and the annual percentage interest is 0%.3. Quality Education


  • Citizens’ High School has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council since 1984, which means that the institution offers an approved program of study with qualified instructors, adequate facilities and equipment, and admissions standards.
  • Accreditation allows students the opportunity to earn an actual, accredited high school diploma, rather than a GED.
  • Each subject uses Independent Study Guides, which have been built around the latest edition of standard high school textbooks from major educational publishers.
  • As students take courses they are given self-check exercises, which allows them to check what they have learned and students can also ask for extra help from the teacher or the school, so they are always aware of how they are doing.
  • The course study guides include the course examinations which are completed on the open book principle and are completed when the student feels ready. Teachers then correct the exams and add helpful comments and suggestions if needed.
  • Finding a quality educational program that offers individualized, flexible learning opportunities can be challenging. Finding a flexible, quality program that’s affordable is even more challenging. Fortunately, programs such as Citizens’ High School provide it all in one place.

    For more information visit their Website at and or phone (800) 736-GRAD / (800)-736-4723. If you would like more information and an enrollment pack sent to you, visit the Website and submit an “Information Request“.