Homeschooling Articles: College Prep

How to Learn a Foreign Language at Home

How to Learn a Foreign Language at Home The idea of homeschooling has its fair share of grand issues to contend with such as socialization, pedagogy, and personal values but it also faces smaller, yet equally important challenges during the process. One of the most common is subject matter. Most parents feel comfortable with the […]

High School Homeschooling FAQ

While still firmly committed to the idea of homeschooling and the choices it provides, many parents begin to second guess their decision as their child approaches the high school age. Some believe they are not qualified to teach the challenging subject matter, others worry that their child will have difficulty being accepted into a college without a traditional high school diploma, and still others worry that high school is a key time for youth to begin to socialize with other young adults in a formalized setting.

College Financial Planning

If your child is in high school, your family may be preparing for the college application process. One aspect of the college admissions process that can feel confusing for some families is financial aid. There are many types of financial assistance for college, including need-based aid, merit scholarships, and grants. The School Counseling department at Laurel Springs is dedicated to helping our students and their parents navigate the process of applying for financial aid.

Share High School Literature With Your Teenager

Why is the study of high school literature so important? Of course, we want our children to be well read, and hopefully to enjoy reading in general. But at the high school level, perhaps reading is secondary to the resulting thought processes. When a student reads, a student also thinks. The critical and creative thought processes, discussions, and debates that result when a student and teacher analyze and interpret a piece of literature are boundless. Doing this within the family unit allows the parents the ability to interject their feeling, beliefs, values and ideas, making the entire process a learning and bonding experience. Following, are suggestions that will make this process an enjoyable one for you and your family.

Awesome Test Taking Strategies

Most states require some achievement testing on a scheduled basis and many homeschooling families use standardized tests as an evaluation tool. Either way, standardized achievement tests are a part of homeschooling and just like traditional students, homeschoolers need to know how best to succeed.