If You Think College is Just About the Degree Don’t Watch This Video

If You Think College is Just About the Degree Don’t Watch This Video


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Editor’s note: the following story is a guest post by David Cohen, a homeschool dad and advocate for self-directed learning.

Truth be told, I wasn’t homeschooled. But looking back on my own educational experience, I can tell you this–I have homeschool envy. The ‘conveyor-belt’ didn’t work for me when I was a student but now I know why.

Because I consistently see the fruit of homeschooling in the lives of individuals who have been home educated, I have tremendous respect for you–homeschool parents–for sacrificing so much to provide a personalized learning environment for your children.

On to the story.

Homeschool grads and the guy from Goldman Sachs

Before I get to the video referenced in the title, I’d like to tell you a story about an individual I recently met in New York City–the story relates to what you will see in the video.

On the last evening of a conference I attended in NYC, the organizers hosted an event at a posh restaurant in the Upper East Side. Moments after I arrived, a well-dressed guy spotted ‘CollegePlus’ on my name badge, and he began asking me what CollegePlus is about.

I gave him the rundown, explaining how we create customized bachelor’s degree programs for homeschool students to earn their degree without debt, in about two years, while preparing them to launch into grad school, the workforce, or start their own business.

“Homeschoolers? Debt-free college?” he said. I got the feeling he was intrigued but slightly baffled because he didn’t ask me any questions.

Instead, he started telling me his story. After getting his MBA at Harvard he was immediately hired by Goldman Sachs, at age 24. While at Goldman, he rose to senior management, and after a successful career there, he left to start his own firm in Manhattan.

Now, the next turn our conversation took was a little shocking. He told me the worst hires he’s ever made, whether at Goldman, or at his own firm, were college grads that had degrees from big name schools.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because most of them don’t come to me with enough life or work experience to actually solve problems and get the job done.”

At that point in the conversation, I had him pull up the following video on his iPad. I explained all of the students in the video are homeschool grads and have gone through CollegePlus.

After watching it he said, “I’m not the only successful entrepreneur in Manhattan who is frustrated with our Ivy League alma maters. The system is broken. What I saw on the video sounds like the solution we need.”

Seeing the glimmer of hope in his eyes reminded me why I’m so passionate about self-directed learning and why I believe homeschoolers are poised to provide value and solutions to problems in ways that ‘conveyor-belt’ students cannot.

So the question is–if the Fortune 100 folks are looking for individuals who got real-world experience while they earned their degree, maybe there’s something to homeschooling and the CollegePlus approach to higher education.

To learn more about CollegePlus, please go here.