Travel the World and Get a College Education–All at the Same Time–it’s Possible!


Travel the World and Get a College Education–All at the Same Time–it’s Possible!

(Not only is it possible–but it might even be cheaper than going to a State college or university!)

July 6, 2012
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With the proliferation of online college programs, you can attend school anywhere you’d like. When you think of taking college classes online–you probably think of taking them from your home– sitting on your sofa or on your bed, studying English Lit. 101. But let’s think outside the box (online classes used to be outside the box and now they’re the norm). If you can take your college classes in the comfort of your home–why not from your apartment in Bangkok or from a busy hostel in Mendoza, Argentina? Rent and food in these areas are cheaper than in most U.S. cities and car and auto insurance aren’t necessary (think walking and riding a bike). Due to the cost-of-living, taking classes abroad might be cheaper than taking them at home! And think of the amazing added benefits–

  • Personal Growth. Perhaps living abroad will allow you to pursue other interests in addition to those of an academic nature. Are you passionate about history, art or music? Many locations worldwide offer interesting and unique experiences in these areas. Want to serve a mission or help others in countries far from home? You can do so–and earn your college degree at the same time. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a work opportunity overseas–again, it’s possible. So much personal growth occurs from traveling and living abroad–it can’t all be covered in one small paragraph!
  • Experiences. You’ll learn about a new culture, or if you travel you will learn about many. Think of the tremendous experiences you’ll have, that your U.S. counterparts won’t. Because of these experiences, you will stand out among your peers (think future job interviews–you will have the global advantage).
  • Language. You’ll probably learn the language in the country in which you’re living. Again, this will cause you to stand out among your peers–and standing out (in a positive way, of course) is always a good thing.
  • Self Confidence. Traveling and living abroad–mastering subway systems that at first seem daunting–you’ll amaze yourself on a daily basis.
  • Fun. Travel is definitely fun–as is living abroad. Perhaps this will become one of the best memories of your life.

A great deal of thought and preparation will go into a decision of this magnitude–but traveling/living overseas while taking online courses is doable. If you have the travel bug, ask yourself–

  • How long do I want to live abroad?
  • What countries, cultures and languages are of particular interest to me?
  • Do they speak English, or can I speak or learn their language?
  • Do I want to travel a lot while I study abroad? Or stay mainly in one locale?
  • Will I have an opportunity to work while abroad?
  • Logistically, how will I do this?
  • And last but not least, HOW will I take online classes while living abroad?

CollegePlus might be able to help–at least with the last question. CollegePlus is a Christian company that creates customized dual credit and bachelor’s degree programs for students, based on their personality, learning style, and life purpose, then integrates personal coaching and mentoring to empower students to reach their educational and life goals, without the time constraints and debt burden of traditional college. CollegePlus students are not stuck at home, buried under an avalanche of textbooks–they are starting their businesses, traveling the world, serving others, and pursuing their interests.

In addition, CollegePlus students typically earn their fully accredited Bachelor’s degree in two to three years and at an average total cost of $15,000. Great savings–perhaps to put towards additional travel–or cooking classes in France!

View this video about CollegePlus student, Marli Tague, and hear her story of including travel as part of her College experience.

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