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An Invitation to Homeschoolers

March 5, 2012
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Colonial Williamsburg invites your family to embark on an 18th-century revolutionary adventure. Experience a colonial city and meet the citizens who helped build a nation. Explore the 301-acre Historic Area, browse the world-class indoor museums, and discover something new about the creation of America.

Visit Great Hopes Plantation and discover how most colonial Virginians lived.

At this working farm, kids become a part of daily life in a truly hands-on experience of rural life in the 1770s. They may help to harvest crops, grind corn for food, tend to the animals, saw wood for new construction, or carry water from the well. After all, it was more profitable for rural children to work at home on the farm than to attend school.

Your kids will meet the “middling” farmers working the land in order to survive in this prosperous colony. They’ll also encounter some of the enslaved laborers who share stories of their individual struggles to be free.

Visit the Benjamin Powell House, where students learn about running a household, as well as colonial pastimes with the “All in a Day’s Adventure” program–a Homeschooler Experience activity. During the year, Colonial Williamsburg designates several weeks specifically for Homeschooler Experiences.

To plan a trip or make reservations, call 1-800-280-8039 or visit
Colonial Williamsburg–Homeschoolers.

Colonial Williamsburg offers exclusive pricing for homeschoolers year round.

Colonial Williamsburg provides many educational resources as well. They include–

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans familiarize students with the people and issues of 18th-century Williamsburg. The interdisciplinary plans provide a thought-provoking introduction to the lives and interests of the people that students will meet during their Colonial Williamsburg visit.

Teacher Resources

Colonial Williamsburg provides extensive resources for teachers (including homeschool teachers) and students, sharing early American history resources and methods. Many of their services are free.

Tour the Town

Take a virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area and learn about the major exhibition buildings. Get the lay of the land before you arrive.

American History Quiz

Examine your knowledge of American History. Take this quiz and you may surprise yourself.

Colonial Williamsburg Multimedia Pages

Explore the rich imagery, audio, video, and interactive media available on the Web site.

Kids Zone

Students will enjoy interactive games and activities in Kids Zone, a section devoted to children. While there, they’ll learn about life in colonial America.

Come experience Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area. Or if you can’t visit in person, check it out virtually.