Creative Ways to Enhance At-Home Learning

Creative Ways to Enhance At-Home Learning 
July 23, 2012
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Did you know that there’s a great free tool available online that can help you brainstorm, plan, organize, and exchange ideas for your homeschool learning lifestyle? It’s called Pinterest, and it’s an outstanding site for anyone who wants to incorporate fresh, new online resources into educational activities.

Here’s how it works: Think of Pinterest as an electronic bulletin board where users can “pin” and save photos, artwork, graphics, and other visual images from around the web. Your pins can be organized onto various boards that you create for each of your areas of interest, such as “Arts and Crafts Activities” or “Science Experiments for Kids”. Pins can also be shared and searched. Here are just a few of the many ways your family can use Pinterest as an educational tool for the home classroom.

1. To learn from educational leaders. Many schools and education experts are creating their own pinboards. “Following” their boards will enable you to see their interesting classroom ideas, project suggestions, blog links, and more! Start with Connections Academy’s Pinterest page to see boards on topics including Creative Learning Ideas, Reading Resources, plus unique recipes for busy parents. And be sure to click the red “Follow” button so you’ll always see the newest pins or if you are not yet a member of Pinterest, click the “Request an Invite” button at the very top.

2. To enrich learning. Use Pinterest to search for information by topic, just like you’d use Google or another search engine. When you find a pinned image that interests you, click on it to follow it back to its original source for articles, how-to instructions, recipes, supply lists, or related links.

3. To organize varied ideas. Pinterest is a fantastic way to save and organize those random “brilliant ideas” that are too good to lose! Create boards arranged for different academic subjects, type of project, or whatever makes sense to you—and you’ll never be at a loss for ideas again!

4. See more “Pinteresting” tips at the Virtual Learning Connections blog.

Did you know that there’s also a way to stay closely (and creatively!) involved in your child’s education while freeing yourself from some of the more time-consuming aspects of homeschooling, like compiling curriculum and creating lesson plans? Many homeschoolers have already turned to Connections Academy, an accredited school-from-home program for students in grades K–12 offering an award-winning curriculum, free learning materials and resources from leading educational publishers, and a personalized learning plan tailored to your student!

With Connections Academy, you’ll serve as your child’s “Learning Coach” and work closely with state-certified teachers who handle all instruction, grading, and testing. Your role is to keep your student on track—and continue to enjoy the rewards of seeing your child grow academically and emotionally every day from home.

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