Less Stress, More Success

Less Stress, More Success

April 29, 2013
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Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of the curriculum materials you choose or the progress your child is making?

There are many forms of schooling from home that you could consider, based on your specific preferences and strengths as a homeschooler. For example, you may want to consider utilizing an accredited virtual school or a public school from home program. In a virtual school for grades K-12, students are supervised at home and encouraged by a Learning Coach (typically a parent), and taught by state-certified teachers through online classroom technology and phone and email communication. Families receive a free comprehensive curriculum including learning materials and access to fun engaging online learning tools.

An experienced homeschool parent explains what she found to be some unique benefits of using a virtual school program below.

Benefit #1: Virtual school provides a comprehensive curriculum.

“Not having to worry about figuring out which curriculum to use was a big relief. The challenge for me when homeschooling was coming up with a curriculum. I would spend hours searching catalogs and reading reviews of the latest resources for homeschool use, but I was never really certain what would best serve my student. However, if your child attends an online public school, you don’t have to pay tuition, which also means that there is no cost for the curriculum! This can be a huge money saver for homeschool parents, as quality curriculum materials can be expensive.”

Benefit #2: In a virtual school, teaching is the job of a certified teacher.

“While homeschooling, it became frustrating when my children no longer accepted my praise or constructive advice on papers. They felt that since I was their mom, I had to say it was good or to do it over. That loss of credibility was one of the factors that led me to believe that an outside educator providing feedback on my children’s written work would be a better option.

Some virtual school programs give you access to certified teachers who provide instruction, grading, and support through real-time classroom sessions, email correspondence, and telephone conversations. Parents don’t have to create their own lesson plans, grade tests, or do the actual teaching. In other words, I no longer had to wear the teacher hat all the time, yet I still got to be involved in the learning experience with my children.”

Benefit #3: Virtual school offers structure and flexibility.

“Most virtual schools offer a highly accountable structure mapped out for each semester, including assignment due dates and a standard grading system. Still, families have the flexibility to create a nontraditional daily school schedule.

I felt that online school from home was a more efficient use of time, allowing my children to participate in the things they loved and accomplish their academic goals–on a schedule that worked best for them and the entire family.”

Are you considering switching your child from homeschooling to a virtual school?

If virtual school sounds promising, consider an accredited, tuition-free virtual school education through Connections Academy, a reputable virtual school for grades K-12 offered in many states. Connections Academy is not just a high-quality online school. It’s also a tight-knit school community offering all the services and resources needed to create a well-rounded student experience with frequent field trips, clubs, and other social activities!

The online private school, International Connections Academy is available in all states for students in grades K-12 and offers a full time program and part-time online classes throughout the school year and during the summer!


Your children can experience an online class over the summer through a special offer for Homeschool.com subscribers! When you enroll in three International Connections Academy “Summer Smarts” courses you can save $60! The Summer Smarts courses offer students in grades K-8 an exciting, engaging way to review foundational skills and catch up with their peers in the areas of math, reading, and technology. Call 888-440-2899 and mention the code SUMMER SMARTS. Learn more now!

To get more details about Connections Academy schools, request a free Program Guide today or attend an information session either online or at a location in your area!

About Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a leading, fully accredited provider of high-quality, highly accountable virtual schooling for students in grades K–12. Through tuition-free public schools, full-time and part-time private school programs, and turnkey online courses for brick and mortar schools, Connections Academy delivers superior, personalized education for students, with the freedom and flexibility to experience our online learning community from anywhere. The combination of certified teachers, a proven curriculum, technology tools, and community experiences creates a supportive and successful online learning opportunity for families and children who want an individualized approach to education. Connections Academy offers grades K through 12, though some public school programs do not offer all grades. Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, LLC. For more information, call 800-382-6010 or visit www.ConnectionsAcademy.com.

To see if Connections Academy is right for you, view the new program guide online or request your own copy now!

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