The 5 Homeschooling Secrets You Want to Know!


“Despite popular belief, virtual learning is not just tied to the technology of having lessons online but also to the ability to tailor the lessons and education to best fit the needs of the individual student,” says Horowitz.

Discover the Top 5 Homeschooling Secrets!


1. Flexibility and Personalization: Homeschooling enables parents to customize the education experience to meet the strengths and needs of each student.


Students often learn from home, but also from libraries, community centers, and occasionally from the road. Students may adjust their learning schedules to meet the needs of their busy life. This scheduling flexibility and program portability allows students to learn at a time of day and place where it works best.
Personalizing a student’s learning program is done at every step of the way. Students are placed in courses based not only on their age, but also on their personal abilities. Teachers then establish a learning plan for each student, and work throughout the year to monitor and adjust instruction based on individual needs.
2. Expertise and Accountability: Parents can provide an education that meets or exceeds state standards and prepares students for academic success.


Parents can develop an individual learning plan, provide instruction, and evaluate assignments.

3. Students can excel and discover subject matter they are passionate about. Students learn anywhere!


Parent participation in a child’s education can lead to improved grades and test scores, higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment in post-secondary education.

4. Socialization: Most students have outside social and athletic activities that keep them busy, but interacting with fellow homeschoolers also is an important part of the learning experience.


Teachers and community coordinators plan field trips and other in-person activities to give students and their families the opportunity to connect face-to-face while they are learning.