Reduce Your Back to Homeschool Stress


Reduce Your Back to Homeschool Stress
August 14, 2013
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Are you planning for the upcoming school year now? Do you worry you won’t be ready in time? Do you have concerns about guiding your child’s educational future?

If you’ve ever become frustrated with the time-consuming task of finding appropriate lesson plans and materials or questioned your ability to teach your child complex subjects, you may be interested to learn that there’s an excellent alternative choice for educating your child at home!

Connections Academy is an accredited school-from-home program for students in grades K–12 offering:

    • an award-winning, proven curriculum that emphasizes mastery of core subjects, plus exciting electives
    • free learning materials, books, and resources from leading educational publishers daily parental involvement
    • state-certified teachers who build strong relationships with students and handle all instruction, grading, and testing




Selecting Connections Academy, an accredited school-at-home program that’s nationally known for quality, is a great way to stay closely involved in your child’s education while freeing yourself from some of the more challenging aspects of homeschooling. Yet, as your child’s Learning Coach, you’ll work closely with teachers to keep your student on track—and continue to enjoy the rewards of seeing your child grow and learn every day.

Connections Academy offers tuition-free online public schools in many states and a tuition-based national online private school. Check the school options available in your state.

Hurry school is starting very soon�to get more details about Connections Academy, request a free Program Guide today or attend an information session either online or at a location in your area.

You can also start the enrollment process now as you continue to learn more, so you can be prepared in time for the first day of school!

Connections Academy’s accredited AWARD-WINNING Program:


  • USDLA‘s Top Award of the 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning Programming, 2011
  • Four BESSIE Awards for Exemplary Educational Software, 2013
  • Three EDDIE Awards, AEP Award, for Curriculum Excellence, 2012
  • Three BESSIE Awards for Exemplary Educational Software, 2012
  • BESSIE Award for Best Math Website, 2011
  • EDDIE Award for Best High School Chemistry Site, 2011


What Parents Say:
Each year, Connections Academy asks parents to “grade” the school by completing an anonymous survey, and year after year, parents give Connections Academy high marks! The most recent results show that:


  • 96% of parents agree that the curriculum in high quality
  • 95% of parents are satisfied with teachers’ helpfulness
  • 94% of parents agree their children are satisfied with the program


“The curriculum of Connections Academy is the highlight for me. I had homeschooled my son in the first grade, I had to set up the curriculum myself—which took a lot of time—and I wasn’t entirely confident. Connections Academy provides a clear expectation of the daily schedule and upcoming lessons. I also enjoy that the materials, books, etc., are all high quality!”
~ Sandra, Connections Academy parent

“Socialization is a big part of Connections Academy. There are a lot of field trips and social gatherings for families to take part in. There is also a message board for parents to keep in touch, ask questions, or offer suggestions to one another. My daughter works very hard and receives so much support from teachers, parents, and peers. She is a happy child and loves this school. My entire family is so grateful to have found Connections Academy.”
~ Lori, Connections Academy parent

“We wanted to homeschool our children but had no idea where to start. I looked at the online schools and decided to enroll in Connections Academy. I have been so pleased with the progress my daughter has made. Her teacher has been amazing. I love that I have a support system to turn to when I have questions and that I am not just out there on my own somewhere, trying to figure everything out as we go along.”
~ Natalie, Connections Academy parent

About Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a leading, fully accredited provider of high-quality, highly accountable virtual schooling for students in grades K–12. Through tuition-free public schools, full-time and part-time private school programs, and turnkey online courses for brick and mortar schools, Connections Academy delivers superior, personalized education for students, with the freedom and flexibility to experience our online learning community from anywhere. The combination of certified teachers, a proven curriculum, technology tools, and community experiences creates a supportive and successful online learning opportunity for families and children who want an individualized approach to education. Connections Academy offers grades K through 12, though some public school programs do not offer all grades. Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, LLC. For more information, call 800-382-6010 or visit

To see if Connections Academy is right for you, view the new program guide online or request your own copy now!

Find the Connections Academy online school options available in your state now!