Take a TEXTBOOK BREAK with “The Christian Answer to National Geographic”

October 27, 2014

Take a TEXTBOOK BREAK with “The Christian Answer to National Geographic”

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Dear Parents:

Ever wonder how your students’ minds are impacted by too much study or too much time on computers or smart phones?

A recent Univ. of Michigan study shows that spending an hour in nature each day can increase memory retention by 20%!

Amazingly, the study went on to demonstrate that they got the SAME RESULTS when students spent time looking at nature photos — a 20% INCREASE IN MEMORY RETENTION!

Don’t believe it?  Here’s a link to the study: http://ns.umich.edu/new/releases/6892

Here at Creation Illustrated we believe we are designed to be in God’s Creation to fellowship and learn from Him.  Our quarterly full-color publication uses Christ’s method of teaching CHARACTER-BUILDING eternal truths through parables from the things He made!

We are a homeschooling family that taught our daughter all 13 years of school with a balance of academics and outdoor education.  Creation Illustrated provides the balance you need with your curriculum textbooks and computer time.

With our special Pre-Christmas price of $12/yr. YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO TRY IT!

We look forward to serving you and hearing how you and your family use Creation Illustrated to create BALANCE in your curriculum.

Blessings from your friends,

Tom, Jennifer, and Melissa Ish
Publishers, Creation Illustrated

Do you and your family need a Textbook Break?

Inspire students through Character-building lessons found in Nature

with “The Christian Answer to National Geographic!”

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Every Quarterly Issue Is a Keepsake –
Packed with Bible-Based, Character-Building Lessons!

The Christian Answer to National Geographic!
“I was immediately impressed with the photography and Biblical content.
Your magazine is just what we wanted to replace National Geographic.”
– C. Terpstra, Homeschooler, Michigan

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Listen to What Homeschoolers Say

Journey to Josie Blog
Creation Illustrated is a Bible based nature journal. The magazine reminded me a lot of National Geographic, but with each article pointing the reader back towards God and the awesome world he created. The pictures in these magazines are breathtaking.

If you have children that are a little older, they could easily use this magazine as a part of their schooling. It includes questions in the back to correspond to each article that would make it an excellent nature study.

Purposeful Homemaking Blog
Our daughter is quite the reader and her eyes always seemed to be drawn to the Bible verse that was woven into each page of a particular story. She insisted on reading these and I was happy to have Scripture placed before her and tied to the subject at hand.

Tolivers to Texas Blog
We certainly lean toward an informal, Charlotte Mason style of learning and this magazine works well for that. I love

to hear when a child says, “Mom, did you know that . . .?”

Autumnfawn Lane Blog
Advertisements are displayed throughout the publication for things like natural living, outdoor stores, and homeschool products. It’s refreshing to pick up a magazine and not have to worry about inappropriate ads!

Creation Illustrated is more than just articles and pictures. It’s a quality, God-honoring, family publication.

Walking Home Blog
Audrie was the first one to know we had the magazines and wanted to look at them all at once. She keeps coming and asking for the magazine with all the pretty pictures in them so that she can look through them.

I have found it hard to find good, meaty magazines that are suitable for the whole family.

Our Homeschool Reviews Blog
I just can’t say enough about Creation Illustrated! The pictures are beautiful, stories meaningful, and it is all for the glorification of God. And what is wonderful is that both adults and children alike will enjoy it.

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Current Issue: Fall 2014

Features Include:

  • Creatures Near and Dear to Us: He’s the King – on African lions by Mary Strain
  • A Lens on Creation: Birding Adventure – Memories of the North Woods by Bobby Harrison
  • Creation Up Close: Fascinating Fossils by Paul Taylor
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: A Piece of Kananaskis Peace by Evelyn Sayler
  • Creation Day 7 Story: Rest and Worship by Bruce Cameron, JD, with Tom Ish
  • Creation Highlights and Creation Stewardship news briefs
  • My Walk with God: Soaring High at Hawk Mountain by Patricia Tillman
  • Gardens from Eden: A Fruitful Harvest by Edwin Dysinger
  • Genesis Cuisine: Yummy Yams Recipes including Yam-Apple Medley, Twice-Baked Yams in the Jacket, and Marbled Yam Bundt Cake by Jennifer, Melissa, and Tom Ish
  • Children Story: The Busy Woodpecker by Sonia Randall
  • Photo Contest for Youth Contest
  •  Instructional Guide to help glean key spiritual and character-building lessons 
  • Creation Resource Guide, Wholesome Living Guide, and Educational Resources Guide
  • Poetry: His Immeasurable Self by Marlene Chase
  • And more!

Save 40% TODAY!
Only $12/Year (Reg. $19.95)

Not Sure?  Get a FREE Introductory Copy
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