At Down Pat Tutoring We Teach Success

 March 24, 2016

At Down Pat Tutoring We Teach Success
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Down Pat Tutoring was founded by a father who understands what it is like to watch his child struggle with their education. After several attempts at using the big name tutoring centers, his daughter finally experienced a significant breakthrough when she received online one-on-one tutoring from a family friend that was a high school science teacher. Their interaction was via a digital whiteboard and it was just like they were sitting knee-to-knee working through what she did not understand. In the comfort and safety of her own home, she was able to get the help she needed and to finally see the improvement she wanted. It saved travel time, it saved money, and the educational impact was even greater than the big name tutoring companies that required her to travel to their location. To watch Phil Anderson’s personal video, click here.




When children excel academically, it improves every other aspect of their lives, but most importantly, their self-confidence. The Down Pat Tutoring model for success is simple, success through online tutoring. Our company provides online, one-on-one tutoring, which means students get the support they need without leaving home. Our specialty is middle school through high school in the subjects of math, science and English. Most sessions are an hour long but can be shorter. If there is another subject your child needs help in, let us know as we can likely help. With a team of over 20 tutors and growing, we have the expertise and experience to help any student succeed.

Students are tutored one-on-one in the exact area they need help in. Our affordable and flexible tutoring plans make getting help as easy as possible. Using the latest online digital whiteboard technology, students are able to interact with their tutor as if they were in the same room. You can see how it works here. This allows the tutoring session to be just as effective as in-person tutoring, but a lot more convenient.

Many of our tutors have 4-year degrees, many are teachers, and some are college students working toward a degree in the area they are tutoring in. Our tutors want the best for each and every student. We don’t just help middle school and high school students with their studies, we help increase their comprehension and the retention of what they learn.

Contact us today at 1-844-283-5781, your child doesn’t need to struggle anymore – welcome to a better way of learning.


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