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Consultations for GED, Special Needs, and Unhappy Students

Parents and students are drawn to homeschooling for many different reasons but a prevalent theme is a mismatch between the way traditional school is taught and the way a child learns.  These mismatches can be caused by, or lead to, poor grades, reading, writing, or math difficulties, school attendance problems, poor self concept, or a lack of motivation, causing a student to become "at-risk" for academic failure.

Parents turn to homeschooling because it offers the flexibility of customized learning, specifically tailored to meet the students' needs and to "fill in the gaps." At the same time many parents hesitate because they are unsure of how to actually carryout the process of homeschooling.  While they welcome the flexibility they also want some structure and guidance to make sure they are on the right track.  This is where ED Anywhere can help.

For a free consultation, email [email protected].


"EdAnywhere":  Flexibility, Support, and Guidance

The ED Anywhere program offers many different opportunities to supplement, support, or manage a child's learning, particularly those considered at-risk. Many students in the program have learning disabilities or have had difficulty functioning in a traditional school setting. Others have chosen an alternate education path and are now looking for an accredited course or diploma.  These students are in addition to homeschooled students in the program who have chosen it as a means to work on their own, outside the traditional school setting.

The goal of ED Anywhere is to provide a program and atmosphere that allows each student to work at a modified pace on the areas that are most beneficial to their learning needs.  Philip Singh, Chief Operating Officer of the school, has a clinical psychology background working with at–risk youth for 25 years. Based on extensive research on alternative learning methods the program was developed to be flexible enough for all types of students, especially those that who have not gotten all they could out of a regular school.


For those students needing areas of improvement, ED Anywhere offers an accelerated remedial program, which allows students to catch up much faster than by traditional methods.  This is because the program first assesses a student, and then provides the curriculum and resources to allow the student to work on only the areas where he or she needs help, rather than having the student complete an entire class.  The assessments are correlated to several standardized state tests and students who have passed the ED Anywhere tests do very well on state tests.

In addition to individualized curriculum, the pace and process of the program is also customized.  An average class takes about 120 hours to finish but students work at their own pace and on their own time. Students wishing to give more time to a particular subject can take longer while those comfortable in a subject can move forward at an accelerated pace.  Since classes are online, they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which makes learning possible on local time and around family schedules.

With a 2-4 hour daily "school" day, most classes will take a month to complete and most students complete a one-credit subject within 8-12 weeks.  This leads to 4-6 credits during a school year and 1 or 2 credits during a summer session.  However, students and parents can adjust their schedules to accommodate their needs.

A student's learning experience and schedule includes a contract with the school developed by the parents, which determines how many assignments must be completed (ED Anywhere recommends 2 per day) and a level of progress for the day.  For example, a contract could state that a student must complete 2 assignments per day and receive no less than 75% on each of them. 

Since parents are involved in developing the contract they can set guidelines and requirements specific to the needs and capabilities of their own child.  This is especially beneficial for students who have come from a homeschooled elementary background where the parents are familiar with their child's learning style.  Parents and students who are new to homeschooling and want a structured program also profit from the organization.

Once a child begins a course, parents can check the "real-time" report card everyday to see what the student has done, the progress that has been made, and make note of areas that need to be worked on.  Students and parents also have access to instructors and can email or call them at any time with questions or concerns.


All ED Anywhere teachers are master level, certified, or endorsed in their particular field, including Special Education teachers who each have endorsements on top of their state certifications.  Students with special needs also have access to consultation services.

Curriculum for courses meets the learning objectives mandated by the Departments of Education of all 50 states and local school systems. For those seeking a more formal approach to homeschooling the program permits students to earn an accredited diploma in cooperation with Home Study International. The diploma is approved by the Distance Education and Training Council and it is accredited by the Middle States Association for Schools and Colleges.

A complete high school education requires a total of 21 Carnegie units, which includes English (9-12), Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, World History, American History, Geography, American Government, Art History, Earth Science, Biology, Physics or Chemistry,  PE (2 credits), Typing I, 1/2 credit of Health, 5 1/2 credits of electives and 20 hours of community service.

An instructional-based GED preparation program is also offered utilizing comprehensive software tool.  The program includes the ability to view progress and skill level scores. As with other programs at ED Anywhere, study plans are totally customizable.   The ED Anywhere GED program features alternative mathematics responses similar to those on the GED Math exam.

Something for Everyone

ED Anywhere offers students and parents an alternative to a non-functioning situation, or a way to move on with established individualized learning.  Students who have not been able to complete traditional school-based programs or do not flourished in such situations can, as well as those looking for a balance between the two, can all find what they need with the ED Anywhere program.

More information is available at the ED Anywhere Web site located at: www.edanywhere.com.  The program can also be reached through e-mail at [email protected] or by calling Toll Free at 1-877-4ED-0805.



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