Honoring Their Special Needs Through Homeschooling

Honoring Their Special Needs Through Homeschooling

February 12, 2009

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Homeschooling is not just for gifted students, Olympic athletes or those winning national spelling or geography bees. The beauty of homeschooling is that it works to meet the needs of the individual student rather than striving to placate a multitude of students with a multitude of needs.

Because of this, homeschooling is also an excellent alternative for those students who are deemed at-risk of not succeeding or possibly not completing their education.  At-risk students often have lost their way due to many factors, including mismatched learning and teaching styles, illness, learning challenges, and/or repeated failures.


These students generally:


  • Have poor grades
  • Have reading, writing, or math difficulties
  • Have school attendance problems
  • Have poor self concept
  • Have a lack of motivation

    And while these students may have once enjoyed school they now find themselves discouraged, which is frustrating for them as well as parents.  The warning signs serve to recognize a potential problem in students while they still have an opportunity to shine academically despite their environment, attitude, or circumstances.

    By recognizing the signs, parents and educators can make extra efforts to support and enable these students to succeed.  A new perspective on the situation can often be the spark that turns the situation around.

    As record numbers of families choose homeschooling because their children’s needs aren’t met in schools, many are pleasantly surprised after what is sometimes a brief period of time to find that “symptoms” of learning disabilities disappear. In these cases, the symptoms had more to do with the school’s inability to serve the children’s needs than with the children themselves. There was a failure to recognize that all children are special because they are unique individuals with varying needs.

    Recognizing the problem is only half the challenge, and finding a solution can often become the biggest hurdle.  Fortunately homeschooling and some online educational programs can provide the individualized instruction and materials to solve each of those problems and to get your son or daughter back on track.

    Not all programs embrace students deemed at-risk but the founders and faculty of ED Anywhere expect every student to succeed – and enjoy their time spent learning too! No matter what the student’s circumstances are, ED Anywhere provides a supportive atmosphere which allows each student to work at a modified pace on the areas that will most benefit their learning needs. ED Anywhere is an online service that does not shy away from these students and uses proven programs and methodologies to confront issues head on.


    ED Anywhere specializes in creating customized programs to meet students’ needs on several levels:


    1. Middle and High School Curriculum – ED Anywhere offers an accredited high school diploma program.


    • The High School Diploma Track offers a complete, accredited high school curriculum that allows students to get back on track and graduate with an accredited diploma, not a GED.
    • With the NOVEL (New Options for Vocational & Educational Learning) program students work at their own speed and on their own schedule.
    • Students can work from home with minimal attendance requirements for supervised classroom events, such as major tests.


    2. GED TrackThe program covers all five GED examinations and the software includes graphics, interactive lessons, sound and video.

  • Each subject area begins with a half-length pretest and concludes with a full-length posttest. All test items are randomized so students won’t become familiar with the content.
  • The GED program contains weblinks to online resources and features alternative mathematics responses just like the GED Math exam.
  • The management system includes the ability to view progress down to the lesson level.

    3. Remedial and Credit Recovery – ED Anywhere offers several levels of remediation, including a Basic Learning Skills program.

  • The online assessment and remediation program works with students in third – 11th grades and focuses on Reading, Grammar, Math and English.
  • Students take an Initial Assessment and if s/he passes, credit will be awarded. If the student has not passed the assessment, based on their results, they will receive an Individualized Course Outline.
  • The software identifies students’ strengths and deficiencies, then develops instruction specific to the students’ needs and presents a tailored lesson plan.
  • Students review the assigned lessons, receive a second prescription, and then take another follow-up test.  The student follows this same process until there are no more lessons to review.
  • In most cases, the student using this method of repeating a class can complete the pre-assessment class in half the time it would take to repeat a traditional class.

    4. Career Pathways Testing – ED Anywhere offers a careers testing program along with classes that can assist students in developing their career pathway.

  • The Interest Inventory measures and identifies a user’s attraction to careers that correspond to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Interest Areas. The results are compiled into a comprehensive Individual Profile Analysis. 
  • The aptitudes measured are critical for today’s high growth and high replacement rate occupations, including physical performance scores such as motor coordination, finger dexterity and manual dexterity.
  • The program is easy to use and is presented in a friendly interactive format.

    5. K to 8th Technology Classes – Homeschool families wanting to enrich their children’s computer knowledge can use the K to 8 technology courses covering both beginner and intermediate levels.

  • Courses include over 500 interactive, self-paced online lessons combining technology with Language Arts and Math. 
  • Courses provide complete lesson plans, lesson rubrics, and activity instructions for all lessons which maximize teacher effectiveness.

    6. Friends & Family Rewards Program, YYC – Parents wanting to lower their tuition costs can use the Rewards Program.

  • For each student that families recommend who enrolls, a $20 credit will be applied each month through the duration of that student’s classes. 
  • If families recommend more students for credit than their tuition needs, they will receive a check for the additional amount.

    7. Set Up Your Own Home School – Ed Anywhere services will assist you to:


  • Provide low cost solutions for support group members individual needs
  • Offer after school tutoring services 
  • Become a testing center  
  • Provide advertising opportunities that will point students to your Home School
  • Provide free professional consultation 

    ED Anywhere also provides academic services, educational options and practical solutions for both private and public schools. They also offer comprehensive state, SAT, and ACT testing programs as well.


    In addition, all of the options at ED Anywhere are personalized for the individual student and affordable! Tuition for a single online class account is just $100 per month. This is an excellent option for homeschool families to assess and receive official credits for classes previously taken as a homeschooler.


    ED Anywhere will even provide you with a Program of Study for free! Just fax them a transcript along with your phone number and a return e-mail address. They will e-mail you a Program of Study indicating what classes you will need in order to graduate with them. Students graduating with ED Anywhere will receive an accredited high school diploma. **Please indicate if you are seeking a Standard diploma (22 minimum credits) or a College Prep. (24 minimum credits).**


    EdAnywhere has a proven track record, with exciting testimonial comments from kids of all ages, and parents of all backgrounds. The EdAnywhere staff consistently support the curriculum and emotional needs of the homeschooled child who may have learning disabilities. Their program is one of balance – which is perhaps the most relevant tool of all when it comes to success for your student.

    To see more options and services visit the ED Anywhere site at www.edanywhere.com and click on Schooling Options or contact them at:

    ED Anywhere, LLC,
    10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 70
    Sterling, Virginia 20165

    They can also be reached by phone
    Toll Free: (877) 4ED-0805
    Phone: (703) 4ED-0805
    Fax: (703) 4ED-0378