The Biggest Life of Fred Book Sale

 July 22, 2015

The Biggest
Life of Fred Book Sale

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Are your math students tired of the drill and kill math approach? Thousands of Homeschoolers have turned to the Life of Fred Math Books for a fun way to learn math.

Instead of dry exposition and endless drill exercises, these books are filled with the fun and page-turning tales of Fred Gauss, a child prodigy math genius born on the western slopes of the Siberian mountains. During his hilarious adventures, he encounters every day math situations that call for solving mathematical problems. Children actually want to read these books!!


Life of Fred
Elementary Series

Life of Fred
Intermediate Series

Life of Fred
High School Math

Life of Fred
Pre-Algebra Series

Life of Fred
Intro to Algebra Series

Life of Fred
College Math Series



“What is Life of Fred, and why is everyone so interested in it?”  Life of Fred (some call it LOF) is a series of math books that are nothing like the text books you may remember. The Fred books are filled with adventure, humor, cross-curricular lessons, and everything needed for a perfect math resource.
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What Educators are saying about the
Life of Fred Books


“My daughter is 9 and we just started her with the first book, Apples. We followed the advice of the website and so far, I’m glad we did. Because most of it is repeat material, we are moving quickly, but we are still learning new material. Also a great way to make sure there haven’t been any educational gaps. As another commenter mentioned, there are so many other elements and even though at the very earliest levels, we are learning how to add, they are introducing concepts that will be used much later. What a great way for kids to be familiar with things that will be challenging later on.” – Jayme M., Educents customer

“I have a 9 yr/ 3rd grade and I thought I’d start her at Farming. We just finished the 5th chapters and I think it’s best to go back to the beginning (for her) and start with Apples. There is certainly terminology used in Farming that’s introduced in earlier books and was foreign to my daughter – this was causing a little frustration. So – since there’s basically 2 books per grade … I figure it’ll be better to start off sorta easy and pick up all the little things along the way. If you do one chapter a day -we can generally get through one book a month.”  – Rebekah H., Educents customer

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