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Are your math students tired of the drill and kill math approach? Thousands have turned to the Life of Fred Math Books for a fun way to learn math.

Instead of dry exposition and endless drill exercises, these books are filled with the fun and page-turning tales of Fred Gauss, a child prodigy math genius born on the western slopes of the Siberian mountains. During his hilarious adventures, he encounters every day math situations that call for solving mathematical problems. Children actually want to read these books!!



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“Life of Fred” is quickly becoming a buzzword in the homeschooling world. If any child has ever struggled with understanding math concepts, Fred is ready to jump in and help your child remember those tricky math concepts! Learn more.

What people are saying about the
Life of Fred books

The ONLY way to learn math!
“These books teach math the way it should be taught! Fred is fun and engaging and the books are written in a story-like fashion. Kids hardly know they are learning math. My daughter begged to do lesson after lesson in these books. We flew through them very quickly because she loved them so much.”
– Cheryl K, Member since November 2013

“My younger daughter would fight me every time we had tomath. Once Fred and his doll Kingie were introduced, everything changed! She LOVES to do math and can’t wait to hear what Fred is doing next. She asks to do math and excitedly gets her book. Now my oldest joined in and loves Life of Fred also. Wonderful to have.”
– Dora H, Member since January 2015

Absolutely genius!
“We love learning this way!Life of Fred is fun and doesn’t feel so much like school work. My kids are thoroughly enjoying this series of math books so far! This is a win!”
– Amanda W, Member Since April 2015

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