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May 6, 2010

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eHarvey is the only online school backed by 94 years of experience teaching children of varying abilities and learning styles.  Yes-almost a century!

The Harvey School is a bricks and mortar school, founded in Westchester County, New York in 1916.  We started our successful distance learning program in 2006 and can now offer courses and credit to any student residing in the United States or abroad.

There are many online schools out there, but eHarvey is different. We have taken the best of both worlds…the flexibility provided by cutting-edge technology and the support provided by an exceptional teacher. Other online schools only allow students to communicate with their teachers through email, blogging, and forums.  Imagine trying to learn a complex Geometry proof with email!

eHarvey’s online school has a virtual classroom complete with a shared whiteboard, chat, and audio to offer students a truly interactive classroom experience from the comfort of their homes…or anywhere else they have access to a computer and an Internet connection!

Our online school combines user-friendly, complementary technologies to provide the most robust, flexible and supportive online learning experience available. At The Harvey School we use:

  • a content management system where students can access class materials, assignments, schedules, and applicable information

  • online curricula that provides an interactive learning experience with animations, text, audio, assignments, glossaries, and assessments with the results visible to the teacher, student and parent

  • an online classroom where students meet with teachers and other classmates for review sessions, extra-help and guidance

Our distance program, eHarvey is ideal for:

  • Home-school children

  • Student professionals and athletes

  • Students looking to get ahead

  • Families with travel plans

  • Students who need to repeat a class

  • Students with learning disabilities

  • Students with extended absences

Each semester course offers approximately 80-100 hours of instruction, practice, assessment, and teacher support. Courses include Math, Science, English, Social Studies, World Languages and even AP courses.

In addition, eHarvey offers 3 distance learning options:

  • Online School offers:
    • Flexible time structure…start any time after September 7, 2010 and finish upon successful completion of the course work to earn 1 full credit
    • Regular review and feedback from course instructor
    • Receive comprehensive, in-depth coverage of material through instructor augmentation of the online materials and assignments
    • Regularly scheduled real-time interaction with the course instructor using our online classroom
  • Summer Session offers:
    • 7 week intensive coverage of all major topics in the course and earn a full credit by the end of the summer
    • 2-4 hours per week of real-time online interaction with the instructor and other classmates
    • 24-turn around time on questions
    • Flexible and independent schedule; regular assessments to check understanding
  • Credit Recovery offers:
    • 7 week customized curriculum with concentration on specific topics the student struggled with during the year to earn 1/2 credit and successfully complete the course
    • Regular review and feedback from the course administrator
    • Flexible and independent schedule; regular assessments to check understanding
    • Instructor support as needed; additional tutoring is available for purchase

eHarvey… combining the flexibility of online learning with the support & structure of a traditional classroom!

PROMOTIONAL CODES (Limited Time Only!): 

  • $799 summer session! (normally $875) limited time!
    Type: “learning” in the coupon code field during registration
    Offer expires 7/1/10

  • $999 core and honors online school! (normally $1250…offer does not apply to AP courses or to summer session)
    Type: “excellence” in the coupon code field during registration
    Offer expires 7/1/10

  • $1199 online AP courses! (normally $1500)
    Type: “achieve” in the coupon code field during registration
    Offer expires 7/1/10