Learning A La Carte

 January 19, 2016

Learning A La Carte

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A la carte. Not merely a clever French phrase but the perfect way to customize your education.

Learning for the way you live means so much at eLearningk12.com. At its core it means the freedom to learn where you want, when you want and at the pace you want. But it’s also all about piecing together the perfect learning experience, whether through our complete curricula or through the selection of just the courses you need through our exclusive, a la carte course options.

A lesson in a la carte.

Suppose you are a home school family and you use one of the many excellent curricula now available, even ones other than eLearningk12.com. Your child’s educational journey is going well until one night, your fourth grader announces at dinner how interesting he thought the day’s geography lesson was because it focused on the relics of the Ming dynasty of China, and now someday he wants to be an explorer and walk the entire distance of the Great Wall! Being the engaged and nurturing parent that you are, of course you want to build upon his natural curiosity by providing opportunities for him to immerse himself in the culture of China through first learning the language. But to your dismay, your curriculum course options are limited to only French, Spanish and German without a Chinese syllable to be found. What is an engaged parent like you to do?

First, have no fear. The answer is but a few mouse clicks away at elearningk12.com/courses where you will find hundreds of courses that can be selected at will, or as we say it, “a la carte” including course id 2427, Chinese 1, Elementary v 4 for Grade levels, 3rd, 4th and 5th. Pumping your fist in the air, you shout out 成功! (Chénggōng, Chinese for “success”)!

Or how about this? Suppose your education choice follows the traditional classroom model. Midway through the semester your adventurous middle child miscalculates a step while scaling the old oak tree in the backyard, falls and breaks a bone, resulting in bed rest for four solid weeks. Upon full recovery you discover that she has missed too many hours of her traditional classroom studies to complete the course with her classmates. What is a parent to do? It’s eLearningk12.com a la carte courses to the rescue. Knowing that eLearningk12.com courses are approved by the State of Louisiana as a Single Course provider and accepted by most public and private schools, you select the courses needed to earn credits, work with the classroom teachers to have her take the chapter tests with the class, on schedule, and slide your climbing offspring right back into class with her friends.

You can have it all

The magic of eLearningk12.com a la carte options is that you truly can craft an educational solution to perfectly fit your situation. Many of our families select an a la carte course to bolster a skill, provide enrichment in an area of special interest or just let their children follow educational trails of their choosing. Others outside of the eLearningk12.com family love our a la carte courses for their ability to augment an existing educational model without having to completely abandon that model in order to access courses available through eLearningk12.com but not through their own resources.

So how does it work?

Accessing an eLearningk12.com a la carte course is easy. Just go to elearningk12.com/courses and search by course title, course id, grade level or subject. You will find hundreds of courses in everything from core subjects like English and Math to more specialized learning like Entrepreneurship and how to start a business. View the short description or take a deeper dive into the details of the course. Find the ones you need and enroll on the spot. You don’t even have to be enrolled in a complete eLearningk12.com curriculum. Nothing could be easier. And because our courses are specifically designed for online learning, your courses are available at anytime and anywhere you have a computer with internet access.

A few more examples

If you have an athlete in the family, try Course ID: 2155, Personal Fitness to get him (or her) ready for varsity level completion. Maybe your child needs to learn advanced public speaking? That’s course id 1603. Maybe Advanced Placement Macroeconomics is just the thing. Then choose course id 1641.

Try it now

Our a la carte option is a great way to become a part of the eLearningk12.com family. Try one today. We think you’ll be glad that you did.