September 24, 2014


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Dear Devoted HomeSchool Moms & Dads,

You NOW can [email protected], NOT ALONE. Yes, you get the best of both worlds. Accredited daily lessons with teachers with flexibility and joys of homeschooling. You are about to discover why the overwhelming majority (more than 9 out of 10) homeschoolers are using online homeschooling.

Online homeschooling works! It ENGAGES! It practically guarantees SUCCESS! It leverages technology to SAVE YOU prep time! It gives you millions of dollars worth of state of the art video production! It makes for happy homeschooling moms and even happier students!

“Online homeschooling with Learning By Grace is simply, hands down, beyond a shadow of a doubt, unquestioningly, no holds barred, the most successful, enriching and long lasting WAY to homeschool.”…Lifelong homeschool mom who has “tried everything”.

MorningStar Academy has been an answer to prayer…I wouldn’t even attempt homeschooling my college bound highschoolers without it.”

The Cambridge Academy is why my daughter got into all 3 of the top colleges she applied to. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

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Designed by Veteran Lifelong Homeschoolers who know what you need for the most engaging, exciting & easiest homeschool experience ever! You get a comprehensive program complete with every tool you can possibly imagine to make your homeschooling program a phenomenal success, every day, every year, for every child!

150 Online Courses that will Revolutionize Your Homeschool

Browse our premiere courses!

You choose from over 150 OUTSTANDING ONLINE Courses. Choose Christian or Secular. Choose with or without Teachers. All are ACCREDITED! Packed with ENGAGING interactive content!!!

You do not have to homeschool alone!
Your children can LOVE their work!
Your family can THRIVE with our support!

Choose online courses from our:

English, History, Science, Math, and Health/Phys Ed.

Culinary Arts, Music Business, Forensics, etc.

Power of Prayer, Christian Evangelism, and Christian Character


With our Online Homeschooling Programs:

You get GRADEBOOKS, TRANSCRIPTS, PORTFOLIOS & COMPLETE RECORDKEEPING to keep you in compliance with homeschool laws.

You can pick courses with 1:1 UNLIMITED TUTORING with TEACHERS or you can be the TEACHER in our PARENT LED PROGRAMS.

You get Peace of Mind with our ACCREDITATION and registered Academies.

Call us at 1-484-383-3900
OR go to www.LearningByGrace.org for our Christian Homeschooling Academies
www.TheCambridgeAcademy.org for our Secular Academy.


of ANY of our 6 Online HomeSchool Academies!

The MorningStar AcademyThe Jubilee Academy,
The Grace AcademyThe Southern Baptist Academy,
The Cambridge Academy, and our newest BRAINTOPIA eLibrary.

perfect for your family’s needs!

Call us at 1-484-383-3900
www.LearningByGrace.org for our Christian Academies
www.TheCambridgeAcademy.org for our Secular Academy

 Confused by all of these choices? We will break it all down for you  if you give us 7 minutes of your time. Call 1-484-383-3900 now! Seven minutes that could make all the difference in a successful homeschooling experience or a burned out failure.

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Top 8 Benefits of Online HomeSchooling

Deciding to homeschool is one of the best things you can do for your children. Online homeschooling curriculum is considered by 92% of all homeschoolers to be the best choice! Technology gives us INSTANT access to educational materials and resources that truly support their vision of quality education for their children.

Online homeschooling is an excellent method of learning because:

1. You do not have to homeschool ALONE!
You are supported by passionate educators who have developed a curriculum and learning experience second to none available in the brick and mortar world.

2.  You will get sleep! NO PREP TIME NEEDED!!
Educating students requires thousands of hours of lesson planning, instructing, tracking attendance, and grading that can be overwhelming. With an online homeschooling program, courses are fully developed and teacher-support options are available. Parents no longer must take on 100% of the responsibility of educating their child.

3.  Your child will be SAFE.
Online homeschooling brings the classroom to you. Your child will not experience bullying or worse instances of physical danger when studying at home.

4. Online curriculum is ACCREDITED (with us).
It is also COMPREHENSIVE! While many school districts are cutting budgets by slashing arts and extracurriculars, online curricula continues to expand into more exciting realms. From Web Design to Forensics, online homeschooling programs offer courses that most schools cannot afford to develop or teach.

5. Online homeschooling creates ACADEMICALLY SUPERIOR students.
Online homeschoolers go at their own pace – the pace they can master the most content. Online homeschoolers can review material they are struggling with and can speed through material they have mastered. Online homeschoolers can take courses that are at their own level rather than courses in their assigned grade.

6. Online Homeschooling ENGAGES!

The strong online homeschooling curriculum developed by Learning By Grace over the last 17 years has aggregated the most outstanding VIDEOS, GAMES, SIMULATIONS, WEB ADVENTURES, PROJECTS, ASSESSMENTS, WORKBOOKS, BOOKS, and other supplementary material that allows students to comprehensively explore any topic through a variety of means. Through our MASSIVE collection of  multimedia  curricula, online homeschooling supports every student’s learning style which INCREASES ENGAGEMENT which in turn increases student SUCCESS.

7. Online Homeschooling  gives you FLEXIBILITY.
While traditional educational settings must adhere to rigid time structures, online homeschooling allows you student and your family flexibility to ensure success.  The online curriculum is ready and waiting for your student when he or she is ready to learn.

8.  Online Homeschooling offers TEACHERS.
Many online programs have teacher-support options to help with tutoring and grading.  Parents are especially appreciative of this option when their children are older and the content that must be taught increases in difficulty.

An online homeschooling program offers many more benefits to your student than this email will cover.  The Christian Online Homeschooling Academies offered through Learning By Grace as well as The Cambridge Academy Secular Homeschooling Program can be fully tailored to meet specific student needs. Although all educational methods have their merits, our Homeschooling Academies truly deliver world-class, interactive, and personalized education.

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We offer several online homeschooling programs to meet your needs:

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