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August 8, 2014
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Essential Skills Advantage: Our Proven Online Reading Program is now available for FREE!

Achieve Reading Success for FREE!

Essential Skills Advantage
provides thousands of online reading and language lessons that teach kids, ages 4-12, the foundational skills required to achieve success! Sign-up for a free membership today and gain access to activities from kindergarten to grade 6!

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The unique program offers children a fun and educational experience with interactive animations, engaging activities, cool sound effects, and enjoyable rewards! ESA focuses on the individual needs of each child and helps to motivate them each step of the way!

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Unlock More Features with our Premium Plan

For only $9.99/month you can upgrade to ESA’s Premium Membership. The premium membership provides you with access to the Parent Portal and allows you to track student progress and includes reports that display high, low and average scores, as well as mastery and overall unit completion. Also available in the Parent Portal are downloadable certificates and special freebies.

At ESA, we recognize that every child learns and retains information differently. The ESA program works to accommodate different learning styles including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Children can progress independently, at their own pace, and track their success through our fun star system.

Take advantage of our special 14 day FREE trial today and see for yourself how using ESA Premium Membership will improve your child’s reading!

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Why ESA?

  • Essential Skills Advantage online reading & language programs are suitable for children ages 4 to 12

  • Fun and engaging sight words, phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension activities support visual, auditory and tactile learning styles

  • Self-paced learning format promotes independent learning and motivates children each step of the way!

Coming Soon…

We will be launching the mobile-friendly version of our programs beginning this summer — including iPad, iPhone, Android & more!

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What our Customers have to say

This was a great program for my daughter. She struggles with school and since I’ve been using this program her grades have improved.
— Nathalie

I just want to tell you that this is the best program I’ve found for my autistic son. It’s not just the reading skills, it is the questions, comprehension, etc.
— Ana

My child and I are really enjoying using ESA. I’m looking forward to sharing very positive reviews of ESA when I’m chatting with other homeschoolers. I’m liking content, format and the service has been great. Thank you all.
— Crystal

Thanks so much for everything. I am very excited about this program. I have been frustrated trying to find a solid “program” that will continue to challenge her at her level, and help her progress. So thank you!
— Tami

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(No Credit Card Required)
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