A Truly Compelling Project That Touches My Heart

 December 21, 2016

A Truly Compelling Project That
Touches My Heart

Dear Fellow Homeschooler,

This is Rebecca Kochenderfer from Homeschool.com.

I just had the most amazing breakfast meeting with Marilyn Mosley and I’d really like to tell you about it. Marilyn is the founder of Laurel Springs School and she is one of the best human beings I have ever known. Several years ago she sold her beloved Laurel Springs School to Nobel Learning (who has been doing a great job). Instead of taking the proceeds and buying a private island or a castle somewhere, Marilyn started a non-prophet called Food4School. If you’re looking for an honest, reputable organization to donate to this holiday season (or any time during the year), this might be THE ONE for you.

So many times we are moved to donate to a charity, but then we find out that the charity uses our money for their own salaries or expenses. This is not the case with Food4School – 100% of what you donate goes to families that truly need your help.

Everyone deserves an education. But in Afghanistan, girls are not allowed to go to school and because of poverty, and their parents inability to afford food for the family, girls are often sold, and forced to marry at the age of 11 or 12. This is where Marilyn and Food4School steps in. She gives a family money for food IF and only IF the family allows their daughters to attend school. Another thing Marilyn does that I think is brilliant is that she gives the money only to the wives, because the men have a reputation for taking the money and using it on themselves.

Marilyn even has BBC reporters involved. To check on compliance, she provides reporters with a special international cell phone so they can check on the families, make sure the girls are OK, and make sure the girls are allowed to attend school.

I know you care about education as much as I do, so I’ve asked Marilyn to tell you a bit more about her wonderful program. I know Marilyn – I’ve worked with her for 20 years. I trust her.

You can donate to Food4School and know that you are changing a girl’s life.

In her own words, here is Marilyn’s story…



Rebecca, thank you so much for your kind and generous words. I love the work you do and the support you provide homeschoolers.

Children have been the main focus in my life. I homeschooled my three children, and I created Laurel Springs School. For the past 40 years I have educated children from over 75 countries, but I never had the opportunity to help children in Afghanistan.

It all began when my daughter Ramaa Mosley, a commercial director, was invited to film the true story of Amina, a little girl in Afghanistan who was forced to marry at eleven and gave birth to a baby boy at age 12. After completing the documentary, Ramaa asked me to view the first draft and the various edits she made. At first, I could barely believe what I was seeing – it was so painful. After many viewings, I realized I needed to help – I had to help. It was time to reach out to children yearning for an education, girls who were denied an education because their parents had no money for food and were either forced to beg on the street or were sold into marriage.

Ramaa arranged for me to meet with Zari, the BBC reporter who interviewed Amina in Afghanistan. Zari grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan and escaped with her parents, 6 sisters and brother to the UK. Zari believed that if we provided families with food, they would gladly send their daughters to school. She knew that many families were surviving on as little as $1.00 per month. So, Zari, Ramaa and I started Food4School.

Here is how it works. Food4School provides each family with $60 a month for food and school supplies. All our parents agree to send their children to school. Each month our team checks on our families and makes sure the children have food, supplies and transportation. When we first started, many of the children endured the freezing winter without proper jackets and shoes. We also provide them with shoes, jackets, and school clothes.
We have a wonderful female and male team that visit with our families (it is not safe for a woman to go alone). They are our eyes and ears on the ground and are dedicated and super caring. They visit our children monthly and also call to check on them.
We always give the funds directly to the mothers. This ensures the money is used for their children.

Many of our mothers are widows whose husbands were killed during the war. Many have been abandoned by their families. Not only have they lost their husbands, but they have also lost their income, support and dignity.

Before we found them, they were close to starvation.

I am so grateful that Food4School is working so well. We have helped more than 228 children, and we have saved 11 girls from an early marriage. We have had students graduate from elementary, junior high and high school.

Our families are doing so well, and are even taking vocational classes or starting small businesses.

Every child is special to me and I look forward to sharing with you their photos and more about their lives. We would also love to share your letters, and words of support with our families. It means so much for them to know they are not alone.

It is hard to imagine that $60 can change the fate of a child, feed a family for an entire month and provide necessities like clothing. But as Pope Francis said after saving 12 refugees, “
It’s a drop in the ocean, but after this drop the ocean will never be the same again.” That is how I feel about Food4School. Our children will never be the same.

I invite you to donate to Food4School and give a child a new life, food and an education. I promise you all funds donated are sent directly to Afghanistan to help these children.

To quote one of our mothers, “Now I believe that humanity is still alive.”

Please join our community
Save a girl and change her life forever